Another conversation between Stephanie Hasz and Andy Fleming of #lollaPALooza

Today, for the third time ever, I received in my mailbox an un-postmarked envelope containing a microcassette. I immediately recognized this as the handiwork of Andy Fleming & Stephanie Hasz, who have done this twice before. Frankly, it's a pain in the ass each time. I don't own a microcassette player and always have to borrow one from my wife's brother, Rod. Ugh. Rod. I hate that guy.

Anyway, what follows is a transcription of what I found on the tape: an apparent recording of a lost episode of the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, featuring Hasz & Fleming as its guests. Enjoy?

[The WTF theme plays, then fades out as Marc Maron starts speaking.]

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Musings on Being in a Comedy Band for Five Years by Sarah Shockey

After five years in the game, my favorite comedy band in Chicago, Shock T's will be dissolving in October. Sarah Shockey from Shock T's put together these thoughts about the band's time together.

First, I should say that I expected Shock T’s to last forever. There’s not much room inside me for pessimism, so when we agreed to keep doing indefinite shows after our second one, I dove in about as hard and flailing as I dive in real life.

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Local ‘Boy’ Done Good

Richard Scooperman’s ‘Little Boys Room’ lands him Chicago Gig

By Roger Prepp

Grand Forks, ND- Richard Scooperman, a slim, sandy haired 21-year-old, double checks the contents of his baggage. “One carton of Camel blues, twenty loose bottles of Dos Equis, all this sweet merch….” He flips through a stack of t-shirts while his friend Lenny McNamara strums an improvised melody on an acoustic guitar. We’re in the break room of the downtown Panera Bread, where Scooperman has just clocked out of his shift as an assistant manager. He flips through a dog-eared copy of Vonnegut’s Mother Night and tosses it into his luggage before zipping it all up.

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My Spotify Playlist by Ian Abramson

Do you ever have days where you’re just stressed and overwhelmed? I certainly do.

Some days I just feel stressed and overwhelmed. I don’t always know how to solve my problems, but what clears my head is a great playlist on Spotify. The right song leading into another can really make me feel like I’m not on the verge of bankruptcy. Financially, or morally!

On those days where I just can’t even, here is my go to list of songs:

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What I Learned From Samantha Irby by It's All True's Tim Barnes

It's All True is an excellent podcast hosted by Chicago-based writer and comedian Tim Barnes. The show is produced by local comedy news site The Whiskey Journal and is now an officially sanctioned WBEZ podcast. Each week, Tim will be checking in with his thoughts on his most recent show. This week's guest was Chicago-based author Samantha Irby. Here's what Tim learned from his talk with Samantha!

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7 Reasons to check out Seven Minutes In Purgatory by Ian Abramson

7 Minutes in Purgatory is a show produced by me, Ian Abramson, in conjunction with The Steamroller, where comedians perform to a camera, and the audience watches live from another room.

We're doing it again, ONCE MORE, on Saturday, June 21st, then not again for quite a while, so you're going to want to check this one out.

Not sold? You can watch the entirety of the first show in a series of Youtube videos embedded below, accompanied by an explanation of why you should watch each set.

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Obsession: The Animotion Story! by Dan Ronan

Shortly after Dan moved to Los Angeles with us, he sent out a work compilation/summary to a management company that was interested in him. (For the record, they snatched him up immediately.) This included things like his bio, resume, headshot, a list of monologue jokes, his original pilot script, a clip of a stand-up set, and the Skunky Funkybuns video.

I was already intimately aware of all of this material, except for one other thing he included. It was a very funny and highly personal comedic article about his obsessive compulsive disorder. I had completely forgotten about it until now, and then it occurred to me that almost no one had ever read it. I honestly believe Dan wanted people to read this, but just had no place to put it. I'm excited to share this with everyone, both for people who knew and loved him and for people who never got the chance.

-Joe Kwaczala

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