King iO's Decree

I, Ian Oswald, the Only Royal King of the iO Theater Network, hereupon issue a decree!

In mine kingly wisdom, I HOLD IN CONTEMPT, the three naifs responsible for Super Talent Show, a.k.a. The iO Theater's most depraved and disgusting sketch show in history! I hate this sketch show! And I'm the king!

But don't just take my (holy) word for it, I have thus enumerated everything these awful fops did during their first two shows! 

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Conor Sullivan (ex-Oh Theodora) Gets Some Bad News!

When Conor Sullivan, a founding member of Oh Theodora, relocated to Los Angeles last year, the group continued doing shows as a trio for several months, before announcing plans to dissolve this Spring. This Wednesday, April 1st, Oh Theodora is performing one final show together, but apparently no one gave Conor any advanced warning before the announcement was made public.

Thankfully the cameras were rolling to capture his reaction to this emotionally charged news. Please watch this video before the inevitable DMCA Takedown ruins the fun for all of us.

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Tailgaters: The Complete Season 1

The cast of The Wheel Show, an-LA based comedy show made up of several former Chicagoans/Steamroller MVPs, released a webseries called Tailgaters last week. It's a great, weird little series of shorts that I highly recommend you watch right away, and, if you live in LA, check out The Wheel Show, monthly at Meltdown Comics!

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An excerpt from Jude Tedmori's diary

Dear Diary,

Jude here, with some big news.  HIJINKSBUSTERS (after being pushed back a million times for things like Jangleheart, HIJINKSfest, and prom) is FINALLY tomorrow!  

In case you didn’t know, diary (AS IF I HAVEN’T TALKED ABOUT IT ENOUGH) HIJINKSBUSTERS is my DREAM SHOW! I get be a HIJINKSBUSTERS for one whole night! I get to be Jamie, Venkman, Adam, Slimer AND Carl Spackler all wrapped in a JUDE BLANKET SANDWICH! O.M.Gosh! I hope all the girls think I’m cute after the show! I’m talking to you, Steph Cook (don’t tell, diary! :-P!!!).

When I first came up with everyone’s individual HIJINKS (HIJINKS=Myth *~*ObViOuSlY*~*), I just thought it would be funny to see that specific person do it, little did I know I had stumbled upon their greatest weaknesses!

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Where Are They Now?: MC Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit" by Andy Boyle

We all remember where we were when MC Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit” music video first debuted: Transfixed in front of our television sets. Many of us had to sit there because our parents couldn’t afford a remote control, and it was our job to change the channel. Some of us weren’t born yet, but we still remember that November day in 1991.

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50 Shades of Mew by Mel Evans

The fanfiction community is a largely untapped resource here at The Steamroller, but that's about to change. Local writer/podcaster Mel Evans is here with an erotic and provocative new piece.

This piece originally appeared on Mel's website, where she writes: "Given the upcoming release of 50 Shades of Grey (the movie), I decided to post my erotic fan fiction. I have performed this elsewhere, but since I have not yet received a book deal, I am posting it again. Please enjoy my erotic fan fiction."

The day was already ruined. I had been expecting a lovely nap in the sun, but unfortunately my plans had been upset when a can of white paint was unceremoniously dumped down the back of my luxurious black fur, my one pride.

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