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NYC-based comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley is back to help guide those in search of direction, armed with her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

Dear Annie,

I'm lucky to have a lot of friends who enjoy the kinds of activities I do: going to concerts, plays and movies. However, I'm someone who works hard to be early or on time to these kind of things and get anxious when I cut it close. I very much like to find the best seat, settle in, and so on. I love attending these events with friends because I really enjoy being able to share the experience during and afterward but it drives me crazy when they are late. I always feel very stuffy or foolish when I try to express this to them. Ultimately, I know can't force them to do anything but how can I communicate to them that this is important to me? Do I really have to choose between an anxiety-free outing and my friends?



mr T

i pity you the fool!!!

I'll remembr my first concerto it was GWen stepanui tragic Kingdom,,her band maybe yuou've hear of them since you seem wellround in music!!! no Doiubt you are ok no more hints/.. it was no dout! W

ell for one i remember it well because mostly becuse gwen seid the F word loud into the mickrophone!!!!!! she says "everyone replease after me! ...fulck you im a girl!!!!!!!" and my jaw fells to the floor why did she feel she need feel teh need to be vile!?!! She already looked punk ok YES but OK... why did she need to have bad attitud t go along right with it?? She jumped a round that stage liek a ska8ter gir!! well wouldnt you know it all her minions put there hand s right into the air and screm F** u i'm a girl!!!!!! EVern the dad i was there with (my friends dad ) did it!! I tell u it looky like the natzi firing ground but queerly enough i felt great. I knew woman were strong butnot this strang!!!!!!

Well Then it grow worst from there!! Turned out my friends dad had brougt another daddy friend. the Daddy friend wasnt married liek my friend dad though .My frinds dad was marriaged to her mom what a bull o f a WOman she was! She WOUD have said F** u Im a girl at that concert for certainly!! She loved horeses. . Later on the rain was a comin gown and boy i telll ya what.. I looky over at the dads and those sneakie s had theyre hands on there eachothers butts! Now i REALLY wantted to cry!!!

I kept the lie a sccret to the mom but i want to this day to tell . i Won't though. : \

so maybe your idea of a consert is good but for Me i am scare!!! Also T do you reall y wanted the best seat in the house to seattle into/. ive know for a fact theat they put aids neeldes in the best seats! they know poeople will be sitting their the most so they put the aids poison into them needle and OK! You will be sittng pretty liek mky friends dad and alllll the pretty Little horsess!

but what do i know. .."im just a girl!!!!!!

aids needle in movie heater seats .SMDH what wil OUR child have to face when their time comes i think id like to be ded by than.

-Annie Donley