My Weight Loss Journey by Tommy McNamara

Hi! It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone throws out their holiday sweets and digs that old scale out of the closet. Since people seem to have metabolism on the mind, I thought I’d share my story.

At the end of 2013, I stepped on a scale and weighed 275 pounds. You read that right. Not kilos. Pounds. Here’s a picture to prove it. This was taken at the Warsaw Climate Change Conference in November 2013 (what a night!).

I had gotten out of control. Maybe it was the lack of exercise. Maybe it was the irresponsible health choices. Maybe it was the unrealistic expectations being put on me by the entertainment industry (36-24-26? HOW?). There’s no denying I had a problem. And despite what Mr. Walken might tell you, the solution was NOT cowbell (more on that later).

I decided that in 2014, I was going to change my health patterns. The hardest part about starting a new diet is deciding where to start. Heck, I’d never even met a nutritionist let alone consulted with one. Friends told me to start slow. Find one unhealthy habit and cut it out of your life completely, then go from there. That’s when it clicked and I knew exactly how to drop those excess LBS.

I decided to cut out the main staple of my diet, the McDonald’s McRiB. No more McRib Mondays. No more McRib Nights and Weekends. No more. That’s literally the only thing I cut out of my diet.

Should I not have been eating 12-15 McRibs a week in the first place? Sure. Could I have at least only eaten the McRib when it was “in season” instead of freezing them in an industrial freezer so I could heat them up year round? Sure. Do I have regrets? Not a one.

Well, SPOILER ALERT, it worked. I’m proud to announce that as of Jan. 7, 2014, this is the new Tommy ;). I love this picture. It was actually taken at my family Christmas party. We were playing charades and I had to give clues for the movie Birdman.

Pretty wild, right? So if you’re trying to get slim in 2015, take it from me: you can do it. Just stop eating what doctors have labeled an “unconscionable amount” of your fav McDonald’s GUILTY PLEASURE. If you’re not willing to do that, I understand, but do me a favor and jump off a bridge you weak willed freak.

-Tommy McNamara