Weirdos Exposed: Tonight, One Night Only Until It Happens Again In A Few Weeks

The Upstairs Gallery is closing. We're all aware of that and it sucks and is crappy but also I'm glad they've got the foresight to go out on top. In this, their last few weeks of doing shows, they've begun putting up shows every night of the week, and were nice enough to give me a spot to book some folks I like.

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The Steamkend approaches!

This weekend, The Steamroller is presenting a pair of very exciting events: A semi-formal fundraiser for The Comedy Exposition and A Jangleheart Circus at Goofballs United on Friday, and the second and final (for a while) edition of Seven Minutes in Purgatory, a science experiment of a comedy show hosted by Ian Abramson.

This confluence of two extremely high quality comedy shows in one weekend will be known from now on as The first annual STEAMKEND.

More info on both shows below!

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Getting to Know CAVES!

CAVES is a brand new improv team formed in March 2014, featuring four talented performers named Jen Burns, Kristina Felske, Jennifer Mills, & Becca Slack. They've secured a run of shows at the Upstairs Gallery on Saturday evenings at 8pm through the end of May, performing alongside a slew of Upstairs Gallery house teams like Dead $$$ and Big Trees!

As a means of getting folks introduced to CAVES, they've put together and answered a questionnaire full of interesting and provocative questions that reveal shocking truths about all four members.

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This Weekend: A Double Dose of The Steamroller Presents...

So this weekend is a big one! The Steamroller is presenting two huge events, one recurring show that you're read about before, and one all-new one, that you've also read about before. Tonight (Friday, May 16th) at 11pm is the latest edition of Goofballs United, a hybrid sketch/improv/standup comedy show presented by The Steamroller and Upstairs Gallery at The Den Theatre in Wicker Park.

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Ian Abramson Answers the FAQs About “7 Minutes in Purgatory” Without Hearing the Questions

Stand-up is a comedian telling jokes, and an audience responding. The comedians knows how they’re doing based on that response.

So what if the comedian had no idea if they were bombing, or killing?

On May 17th at 10:30pm at The Upstairs Gallery, I’m teaming up with The Steamroller to present 7 Minutes in Purgatory, where I hope to find out.

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Collectors Edition says goodbye to Conor Sullivan!

I've lived in Chicago for almost 4 years. For most of that time, I've known Conor Sullivan, my good friend who is leaving for Los Angeles next month. For a lil while I'd had plans to eulogize Conor here on the Steamroller, but I don't think that would be fair to him because Conor leaving Chicago to bigger and better things is nothing but a positive thing. He is moving on to do things he's always wanted to do, and I am sincerely proud of him.

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Notes on Honey & Breezi's Valentines Day Spectacular

Tonight (Friday, 2/14) at 10:30pm, the Upstairs Gallery will host a totally romantic Valentines Day party organized by a pair of local high schoolers. There will be improv from two mashup teams, a psychic giving free past life readings, a triple date, and an all-lady rap group, plus spiked non-alcoholic punch and other treats. 

While the producers weren't available for an interview in advance of the show, this series of notes exchanged by seniors Honey and Breezi were found folded up on the ground outside the girls' locker room earlier this week. Check out a scan of their juicy, gossip-filled correspondence below!

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Mike’s Hard’s Hard Laughs Festivade: Your Best Bets

Tomorrow night at the Upstairs Gallery is the second annual Mike's Hard's Hard Laughs Festivade sketch festival, and is definitely the only sketch comedy festival happening this weekend in Chicago. Producer/founder of the festivade, Brian McGovern is here with a guide to some of the best of the fest, hitting the stage tomorrow at 10:30pm. Mike's Hard's Hard Laughs Festivade is a totally free, BYOB affair.

With so many sketch groups coming in from out of town for Chicago’s only Sketch Comedy Festival sponsored by Mike’s Hard Lemonade, it can be a little overwhelming to know which acts to check out.

Well this year The Steamroller and the fest’s curator, Brian McGovern, have made a list of the hardest acts guaranteed to get the hardest laughs. We’ve compiled this list using the most accurate and foolproof methods available to modern journalists to determine who is the funniest: by looking at performer-submitted bios and press photos.

Just a reminder: these are just some of the fantastic acts performing at the Festivade. You should also be on the lookout for some other exciting out of town acts that bear a striking resemblance to Chicago’s finest sketch comedians including Andrew Tisher, Michael Brunlieb, Tim Baltz, John Reynolds and a whole lot more all within the time frame of 10:30 to about midnight.

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