My Spotify Playlist by Ian Abramson

Do you ever have days where you’re just stressed and overwhelmed? I certainly do.

Some days I just feel stressed and overwhelmed. I don’t always know how to solve my problems, but what clears my head is a great playlist on Spotify. The right song leading into another can really make me feel like I’m not on the verge of bankruptcy. Financially, or morally!

On those days where I just can’t even, here is my go to list of songs:

1. Mick Jagger trying to beatbox the “Overture of 1812” by Peter Tchaikovsky

2. The sound of Obama nodding at a really good point I made

3. A blender making a smoothie, but also a fork got dropped in

4. My ex-girlfriend explaining she knows we can’t get back together but regrets it

5. The smell of fresh rain

6. The smell of old, musky rain

7. "Purple Rain" by Prince

8. My grandfather’s last words, but less slurred because he hasn’t had a stroke

9. My haters apologizing

10. Zooey Deschanel telling me that she doesn’t like “New Girl” either

11. "Call Me, Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen

12. MLK’s “I have a Meme” speech

13. My dad yelling that he’s proud of me over the sound of a lawnmower

14. A police officer patting my back and saying “I know you’re doing your best” even though he’s giving me the ticket anyway

15. Horse trying to gallop in a bounce house

And listen, if you’re still feeling stressed, consider meeting the love of your life this Friday, August 22nd, at 10pm.

The 20 most single people in the world will go on two minute dates with the first 20 people to show up. ONLY 20 people will be allowed in, and the ONLY way in is to have a Jangleheart pass.

You may ask yourself, is it worth it?

Well, is it worth missing the chance to meet the only person that could ever love you?

I’ll see you there (and only let you in if you’re one of the 20)


-Ian Abramson