Weirdos Exposed: Tonight, One Night Only Until It Happens Again In A Few Weeks

The Upstairs Gallery is closing. We're all aware of that and it sucks and is crappy but also I'm glad they've got the foresight to go out on top. In this, their last few weeks of doing shows, they've begun putting up shows every night of the week, and were nice enough to give me a spot to book some folks I like.


The show's tonight (Tuesday 8/12) at 8pm and is called Weirdos Exposed and features standup, solo sketch, readings, and music from friends of The Steamroller Ian Abramson, Irene Marquette, Tommy McNamara, Megan Green, Irene Tu, and Gabe Liebowitz. It's gonna be a light-n-breezy nice time!

If you can't make it tonight, Weirdos Exposed will be resurfacing next weekend, as a part of A Jangleheart Circus, the Gallery's titanic celebration of DIY sketch/improv/etc. comedy. That show is on Saturday August 23rd at 11:59pm (like midnight but I'm trying to not confuse you!) and, just like tonight's show, will be hosted by Ian Abramson, with comedy things from Joe Kwaczala, Devin Bockrath, Annie Donley, and John Eisenrich.

See you at one or both I hope!