Annie Donley's Teake it or Leave it advise

Though The Steamroller has existed for over a year  at this point, the site has operated thus far without any sort of recurring source of advice, which is both surprising and unacceptable. Thankfully, Annie Donley, of Super Human/Kill All Comedy fame, has agreed to contribute a weekly advice column, which begins today and will run every Wednesday!

Dear Annie:

Recently I raided my closet for a dress to wear at a wedding. Needless to say, I spent hours trying to squeeze into my old smocks, cried a ton, then looked in the mirror and told myself that I’m disgusting. I know it’s time to bite the bullet and just diet already but I don’t know where to start. Any advice on where to start my weight loss journey?

-Alex S.


helo alexis

your goingto find that diet are lots harder then they are and thers a ton of them so buckle up. No right or wrong way to chose wha diet to choose so u can literarily start nE where I jus read about this 1 here:

wow nthing like a bunch of todays women tryin to fit into some very old clothes tha is so weird 2 me.  And this is all the ragee?? Not in my opnion sound to me more liek self esteam issues r the root of it which are not being addressed here. Very sad ladies…hopt this helps.  -Anie


Dear Annie,

I apologize in advance for my crudeness but I have a lot of dandruff. It's very very embarrassing and has taken over my choices in fashion (I can't wear dark tops!).  I've tried shampoo treatments and oils. I've been told my next step is to see a dermatologist but I'm scared! Do you have any tips for at-home treatment before I take this plunge?

-Carrie W.


Ho carry,

i remember as a liltel kid that i used to like watching my dandrif fall off my head to see how much i had I used my brother dark desk to do this. i sneak in his room and when he catched me he yell GET OUTA mYROOM IM TELLING ON U!!!%!  and my mom sey anni e u better stop tha flakin! lol i guess she was right thats what its called. wow memory lane

any 1 got qustinons they need answered with my advice email me @ I speshialize in lifestyles, hjome & fitness, and sad questions, and funny thoughts

-Annie Donley