Sovereign and Two Bunnies Eating Flowers present: The Hijinks Soundtrack

In anticipation of tomorrow night's installment of their collaborative monthly sketch show Hijinks, Sovereign (Clayton Margeson and Mike Klasek) and Two Bunnies Eating Flowers (Alex Hanpeter, Kyle Reinhard, and Jude Tedmori) have sent over some multimedia samples from the last show.

Check out the three track soundtrack from last month's inaugural show, featuring cover versions of three popular songs ("Semi-Charmed Life," "Earth Angel," and "Don't Speak"), which Jude from Two Bunnies explains: "we thought it would be funny if instead of using the original songs, we would re-record the songs by ourselves and then use those instead." Also, check out a handful of pictures shot by Dan Shar documenting the nudity, danger, and crossdressing!

See you tomorrow night at 11pm at the Public House Theater for Hijinks presents Space!