This Weekend: A Double Dose of The Steamroller Presents...

So this weekend is a big one! The Steamroller is presenting two huge events, one recurring show that you're read about before, and one all-new one, that you've also read about before. Tonight (Friday, May 16th) at 11pm is the latest edition of Goofballs United, a hybrid sketch/improv/standup comedy show presented by The Steamroller and Upstairs Gallery at The Den Theatre in Wicker Park.

This month's Goofballs lineup is a silly one: we've got standup from Tommy McNamara, sketch from weirdo supergroup The Nice To Meet You Show (members of the Onion News Network, the Late Live Show, Kill All Comedy, etc. etc. etc.), and improv from Upstairs Gallery house teams Formal Apology and Cool Jacket. The show's $5 and is always a ton of fun.

AND THEN tomorrow (Saturday 5/17), The Steamroller has teamed up with future legend Ian Abramson on a super high-concept, tech-heavy standup showcase that forces standups to do their sets to zero audience feedback. They're in one room performing into a camera, and the audience is in another room watching a live stream of their set. We've booked an unbeatable lineup, featuring a handful of the biggest names in town, including Derek Smith, Drew Frees, The Puterbaugh Sisters, Mike Sheehan, Katie McVay, and Tommy McNamara (he's doing both Steamroller shows this weekend, very cool, Tommy!). The show's called Seven Minutes in Purgatory and it's at 10:30pm on Saturday at the Upstairs Gallery in Andersonville.

I'm very excited for both of these shows and hope you can make it out to at least one of them!