A talk between John Eisenrich & Christina Boucher

John Eisenrich and Christina Boucher, former Late Live Show writers and BEST FRIENDS, are working on new sketch shows. The Nice to Meet You Show and Virgin Daiquiri Presents: Lean Back are paired together for a run on Saturday nights at iO starting tomorrow night!

These two recently sat down for a chat about their new shows. Check it out, and then buy your tickets for this damn thing, both casts are stacked as heck and it's gonna be so good!

Christina: Our show is gonna be like topical but also like funny. Great cast.

John: Yeah ours is gonna be really good too, like super good too

C: Yeah i think our is gonna be super good

J: The whole thing is like a “you had to be there” moment.

C: I think ours has a lot of “OMG they did NOT just do that!” moments.

J: Ours is gonna be like if wolves had motorcycles and celebrated birthdays --- and they're horny.

C: Ours is gonna be like a fleet of like 8 sexy Rachel Dratches tap dancing simultaneously

J: Our show is gonna be like, letting your butt fall asleep, then doing that Ace Ventura thing where you make your butt talk, but because your butt is asleep it feels like it's talking on its own. nice.

C: Oh, do you do a talking butt bit in your show?

J: No, but it will feel like that.

C: Ours is gonna have the same excitement as that dinner scene in Mrs Doubtfire. Ya know the feeling of “will he or won't he get caught by his boss and his family” and you're so nervous for Robin Williams cause he just loves his kids, but you know deep down everything is gonna end on a happy note cause he's the star and its like a comedy. Our show has that feel good factor.

J: Ours is like the first time you heard about Will Smith.

C: Ours has a lot of girl power - like a Katy Perry vocal blast broadcasted at 1 billion decibels.

J: Ours gives you that pressurized blood filled face feeling that you get when you're barfing real hard, but instead of barfing you feel happiness and also hornyness

C: Ours is not that horny, I kind of wish it was hornier but the show will  definitely make you like, think.

J: Ours is gonna make you think too, in like a really happy horny way.

C: Our's is gonna be like


J: Ours is gonna be like:


C: Ugh Gross, I don't want to do this anymore.

J: Bye.

C: Bye.

You can catch both shows Saturdays through April 19th (note: Virgin Daiquiri has no show 4/5) at 10:30 in the DCT. Stick around after the shows to catch these two bickering at the bar!