HIJINKS does My Fair Lady!

80% of the cast of Two Bunnies Eating Flowers and Sovereign's monthly comedy show HIJINKS at the Public House Theatre has taken a young Comedy Studies ingenue under their wings, with the hopes to shape her into a top-notch performer. Through 3 rounds of comedy competitions tomorrow night, Saturday March 1st, at the PHT at 8pm, we'll find out if Olivia Medoff is funnier than Sovereign's own Clayton Margeson.

Jude from Two Bunnies was nice enough to give a breakdown of tomorrow's event, giving an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain before showtime to Steamroller readers. Check it out below!


The Bet:

HIJINKS had four weeks to transform Olivia, a comedy newcomer, into a calculating Terminator-like comedy machine capable of defeating grizzled old comedy vet Clayton in a three round sketch competition.

Whoever loses gets the worst prize ever. Like, real bad.



Improv: 12 years

Sketch: 5 years

Chicago: 5 years

Dick Size: 9 Inches (flaccid)

Coached Improv: 4 years

Directed: 8 years

Winner of the Following (Del) Awards:

Best Host

Best Harold Team 2 Years Running


Improv: One Workshop

Sketch: One Elementary School Talent Show

Chicago: 1 month

Dick Size: -3 Inches

Directed: 10 minute Short Comedy

Current Comedic Pursuits: Comedy Studies at The Second City