Annie Donley's Teake it or Leave it advise

Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

Hi Annie - 

Sometimes find myself a little overwhelmed with staying on top of the responsibilities I take on and as a result my personal needs (eating right, exercising, going for regular checkups etc) tend to fall by the wayside. Do you have any tips for living a balanced life? 


Best Under Stand Yourself 

PS -(if you just use the first letters of the name I left it spells BUSY!

BUSY was thata girl on dawson crick! (WOWOwo memory lane..\

Well well busyy which is it .. to me it sound like u don teake care of NEthing wich is really what the problem is here is plain to me NOWwe are gettting somewere !!.! I now will tell u somethin vary wise : that which is out of site is truly out of mind!!!

ok so here u are busy busy and u do' not eatright or get chekeced up well that is BC u do not have anyting falling off ur or u donnot SEE anything wrong well if I u to show u whatdiabetes can look Liek u woul not forget eat right!!! my uncle has this disaster diseese and his leg was amputatd and he wasnot even in a war we;ll mayb he was IN a war with him own self lol! SEE WHAT I MEAN I wihs u could but truly u donsee it at all

B est
Y ourselve!

if u were 2get ur periodd say during watchin dawson crick WOULD U NOT stick a tampoon up ther U would stop teh blooding so why u not stop the blood of whats to come??! Ok wow I sound like dr mom but as u can see ppl WILL always complain "take guns off the street ,!!!, DO NOT teake gunoff the street!!, RASISE MY MIN WAGES?! or..IM A WOMEN ANDI CANT GET NO RESPECT !!!, EASY on the BORDERS. . DEBT CEILINGS TOO LOW…HELL I DON’T EVEN HEAVE A CEILING PLS HELP my HOUSE!!! HEALTHCARE OR DIE or MY FAVORete HEATLTHCARE NOW!!!!!!! Lol the ppl who cry out could simply need put a tredmeal in the/re home and quiet looking at the internet for news .the internet is for porn and email OK News will only deliver biased fury fodder. . IT IS A HISTORY FACT thet people who are thiner and taller have alwaysdone better in history. what will be the history that U will write for your generation to come I tell u when the kids they will looik back and sey WOWow whatta generations of fatass complainers and they will laugh allthe way to the bank MDEAR

also busy I DO NOT TELL ANY MINOR TO TAKE this but I’ll tell ur busy that weed isn now able to buy so exersize youre right to smoke and watch problems and weight meltaway. this is not a poopolar opinion stance but pott will make life You not give a F

(Ir u r reaching this and u r consider urself SHORT and think this was fery rude advice I do on't care I am litereally telling u what u r I do not have 2be nice to you YOU R ALLOWED to have ur feelingshurt its OK . youre an adult and everything will be ok JAY-BUS!!! I not scared of u im only afraid of one things and that's murder.

hey u asked 4