Double Feature: Critics on the Street Volume III

The four producers of Double Feature, Ian Abramson, Tim Barnes, Melody Kamali, and Marlena Rodriguez, return with another thrilling, unpredictable edition of Critics on the Street.

Tim talks race with a hispanic filmgoer! Marlena gets called "not normal" for having a black friend! Ian hits his side while laughing at a seventh grader's jokes! Melody skillfully plugs the show's Instagram page mid teen girl fight! More stuff, too!

Double Feature has found a new home in the Lincoln Lodge, and will help kick off the Lodge's 14th season with standup from Mike Lebovitz, Liza Treyger, Odinaka Ezeokoli, Tim Barnes, and Melody Kamali, and video shorts from Ted Tremper, Anthony McBrien, Awkward Spaceship, Kill All Comedy, Various Artists Film Collective and more! The whole thing will be hosted by Ian Abramson, tomorrow night (Wednesday, September 25th) at The Lincoln Lodge at 9pm.