A list of 42 things that take two hours by Katie McVay

Tomorrow night, Two Hour Comedy Hour at the Gallery Cabaret in Bucktown will trot out over 50 comedians in two hours, 42 of whom will each be given under one minute of stage time apiece. 42x42 3 is the third edition of their fabulously gimmicky comedy parade, which is capped off with longer sets from CJ Sulllivan, Liza Treyger, Chad Briggs, and Mike Sheehan.

Katie McVay, one of Two Hour's producers, is here to plug this special night with a list of 42 other things that share the show's 120 minute time frame.

To celebrate the Two-Hour Comedy Hour’s two-hour time window and our 42x42, here is a list of 42 things that also took two hours:

1. Making a good soup

2. Or a bad soup

3. Or a middling soup

4. Making an episode of The Soup

5. Creating Betty Boop

6. Diagnosing the croup

7. Forming a jazz-dance group

8. Decorating an embroidery hoop

9. Writing a trend piece about the millennial age group

10. Editing the Wikipedia entry for Anson D. Shupe

11. Conning a dupe

12. Jury-rigging a chicken coop

13. Watching and rewatching Duck Soup

14. Spending quality time on your front stoop

15. Listening four times to Little Jackie’s The Stoop

16. Flying to Germany to buy something from JOOP!

17. Touring the Twickenham Stoop

18. Writing an academic paper on Transformers’ Swoop

19. Adjusting and readjusting a basketball hoop

20. Fiddling with your Linux cloop

21. Writing a fanfiction comic book about X-Force’s Doop

22. Composing a love song to hot-rod artist Coop

23. Reading Swell Foop

24. Attempting and getting increasingly frustrated with yet another kale-based recipe from Goop

25. Contemplating the banality of existence while wandering The Loop

26. Taking a particularly terrible poop

27. Watching a few fights between Phillipe Nover and George Roop

28. Sketching a beautifully rendered sloop

29. Framing your beautifully rendered sketch of a sloop

30. Staring at your wonderfully framed beautifully rendered sketch of a sloop

31. Negotiating the sell price of a beautifully rendered and wonderfully framed sketch of a sloop

32. Coming to the slow realization that although you were able to sell an artful picture of a sloop, you’re too poor to ever actually own a sloop

33. Taking a really sad poop while thinking about how you’ll never have a sloop

34. Eating some middling soup from a recipe on Goop while watching a marathon of The Soup

35. Jury-rigging a chicken coop while listening to NPR’s trend piece on the millennial age group

36. Conning a group of dupes from the comfort of your front stoop

37. Impressing your entire Columbia film class because you totally edited together Duck Soup and Betty Boop

38. Copyediting academic fanfiction about a world where Doop and Swoop form a jazz-dance group

39. That sloop run was fun wasn’t it? Sloop.

40. Researching dumb words that end in “oop”

41. Coming to realization that you’ve really written yourself into a corneroop

42. Having a good, long cry under your blankets when you realize that the highlight of your week might be writing a really dumb list of 42 things. OOP. OOP. LISTEN WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE. OOP. OOP. OOP. HELP ME! HELP ME! OOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Katie McVay