Finish Your Dinner's preshow prayer

Two of the finest sketch teams in the city, Oh Theodora and Drew's Tumbler, have teamed up to produce a new monthly show at The Public House Theatre, an exciting new theater space catered towards sketch comedy. The show is called Finish Your Dinner and the show's seven producers sent over this exclusive look behind the scenes at their most reverential preshow ritual. The first Finish Your Dinner is tonight, April 4th, at 8pm; each ticket comes with a free can of PBR and can be purchased here.

Before every show we do together, Oh Theodora and Drew's Tumbler like to come together as a comedy family and say a prayer. For our new show, Finish Your Dinner, we each wrote a section of a brand new backstage prayer that we hope you'll recite at home with your family:

O sweet and funky Jesus, God's Goofy Baby Boy
Let Your fun and whimsy fill us, breathe it into our nostrils please
–Megan Green

O Heavenly Lord, let this show be funny enough for me to smooch an audience member post-show
And please have her be totally okay with waterbeds.
–Conor Sullivan

Oh my Lord, oh my sweet Lord,
–Trevor Martin

Get thee behind me, Satan, at this banquet of the Lord
Only those with hands newly washed are welcome
–Lisa Dellagiarino

Heri kufa macho kuliko kufa moyo
Hucheka kovu asiye kuwa na jeraha
Baada ya dhiki faraja
–Buck LePard

Mother, daughter, Holy Ghost 
Bless these hands for high-fivin’ and feet for jump-jivin.'
–Meghan Hillmeyer

The devil feeds on down-turned lips.  Let our smiles lift us up to laugh with the angels!
–Amanda Engborg