Interview: John Eisenrich

Podcasting is a relatively new, but hugely expanding, platform for comedians, musicians, and everyday folks looking to share their unique viewpoint with the world. I talked to one such individual, John Eisenrich, a local comedian and writer who has recently gotten into the podcasting game.

John was kind enough to share not only his thoughts and opinions on what makes this scene special, but also gave The Steamroller the chance to premiere THREE new episodes of his show. As a primer, I've included the first three episodes, as well (don't worry, they're all bite-sized clips!). You can see more of John's work as a writer at The Late Live Show, Saturdays at Midnight at iO.

The Steamroller: What originally sparked your interest in podcasting?
John Eisenrich: During my daily internet browsings I can't help but notivc how CONNECTED we all are. The moment I got the MOST excited was when I found out about the Harlem shake AND was able to configure the sound on my webcam in the same week. I had a few kinks in my harlem shake video, but I figured, I put so much work into it, it would be a waste not to release it! I've applied that policy to all my creative works. DONT JUDGE!  ya put 6 HOURS into this thing, and you're just going to DELETE IT!? Not me. 

TS: Do you have any favorite podcasts you've looked to for inspiration?
JE: I have a ton of favorite podcasts, and qualifications for what I consider as a podcast, but the one I like most right now is The Mindy Project. 

TS: A lot of folks have complained about the over saturation of podcasts, sometimes it seems like new shows launch every day. What sets your show apart from the rest?
JE: Nothing! Thats the point! I'm here to JOIN IN! Podcast's are good ideas, that's all there is to it, I dont want to reinvent the genera, I want to, like every cool thing I see or know about, want to participate. I'm in it for the fellowship, the "likes" and the "follows" 

TS: Do you have a dream guest to book on the show?
JE: Any celebrity at all would be a dream, but mostly my dream is to have a rig big enough to record a fucking F-22 Raptor jet engine. Just like, people log in, "o what a nice day for a pod cast" when WAM, O DID YOU JUST HEAR A JET ENGINE!? Then I would probably follow it up with some stones and ease into a classic interview. This of course isn't in the near future, I would need like a dozen pretty huge mics to be able to pull that off. 

TS: What are your ultimate goals for this project? A TV deal? Radio?
JE: Frankly, I'm pretty devoted to the podcast form. Personally, signing on to TV or Radio would be absolutely selling out. The farthest I would go would possibly be a podcast for Subway, or maybe have one of their head chefs on to talk about sandwiches. That's as FAR as I'm EVER willing to sell out.