Interview: Joe McAdam

Noted Chicago based comedian Joe McAdam's no stranger to getting attention for his video work. McAdam's latest clip, Adorable Talking Dog Video, has set the internet ablaze, and I was lucky enough to chat with him for a few minutes about the making of the clip and his thoughts on the response it's gotten so far.

The Steamroller: Where did this idea come from?

Joe McAdam: I've always thought it's funny for dogs to have a very gentle and playful exterior, but secretly wish horrible things to humans.  A dog saying, "Death to America" has long been a dream of mine.

TS: How did you know which of the many talking dog videos to choose?

JM: This one had owners that seemed the most like they were torturing their dog.

TS: Did you have any idea that this video would get the reception it has?

JM: I figured it would get 15-25 views, but 45?  Man...

TS: Have you heard from the dog's owners about the video yet? What was their reaction?

JM: I keep getting emails from the address, I have no idea if that's related or from a website I signed up for.