Goodrich Gevaart and saki Present Fill Up My Bag! featuring Tommy Crowbar

As a big fan of hardcore, it’s an honor that The Steamroller asked me to introduce you all to the legendary Tommy Crowbar.  While bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag, and Cro-Mags take up most of the conversation about hardcore punk history, anyone really into hardcore knows Tommy, his band, and his larger than life reputation.  

Forming the band Street Justice in Brockton, Massachusetts in 1979, Tommy was the face of intense, aggressive music for decades. His on and off stage antics have gotten him banned from literally every venue he has ever played at, be it a Moose Lodge in New Bedford or CBGB in New York. His band is on it’s fourth or fifth reunion tour with Tommy as the only original member still performing. He’s been criticised for being a “cash grabber”, “opportunist”, and “overall piece of shit” by many hardcore luminaries.

Saki records was cool enough to reach out to Tommy to start their new feature, Fill Up My Bag.  Watch the video and respect the history this man represents.

-Goodrich Gevaart

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Nicholas Rouley & Freak Happening present WEREWOLVES IN SPACE: A Rock Opera

I'm lucky enough to help produce Freak Happening, a monthly variety/dumb show at saki in beautiful Logan Square. This Friday, we're staging a one-time-only production of Werewolves In Space, which has become something of a passion project for producer Nick Rouley. Check out the rad poster below (designed by the very talented Brad VandenBerg, as well as a bit more information about the show, which happens this Friday, February 28th, at 7:30pm.

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Once in a Lifetime presents Death of a Cheerleader!

Once in a Lifetime, a hybrid movie night and comedy show I co-produce with Everything is Terrible! that's sort of like MST3K but with Lifetime Original movies instead of cult sci fi films, returns on Monday with a screening of Death of a Cheerleader. Goofing on this OG Lifetime flick (which was the highest-rated TV movie of 1994) will be four of my favorite Chicago comics: Megan Gailey, Stephanie Hasz, Katie McVay and Liza Treyger.

Everything is Terrible cut together this extended preview, to give you a look at just how insane this movie is. Look out for Locke from Lost being a dick to a 16 year old girl! Bedroom plotting! Something that sounds like the female Wilhelm scream! Once in a Lifetime is this Monday, September 18th at 8pm. Tickets are $5 and $3 white wine spritzers will be flowing all night long.

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The artwork of Bill Werch: An appreciation post

Bill Werch is a familiar face if you've ever been to a show at saki, he's been a huge supporter of the shop and an all-around solid dude.  He's also a super talented artist, who we (me and the folks at saki and Joe McAdam) have been lucky enough to work with over the last few months. He's designed the last handful of posters for Creative Control (which is coming to an end soon!), and they've been consistently great. Check out a gallery of his work for Creative Control below! 

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Once in a Lifetime presents Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life

While saki has been involved with several different riffs on the whole "comics making fun of movies live" thing, I'm probably the most excited about this new concept we're co-presenting with the fine freaks at Everything is Terrible.

Once in a Lifetime is a new monthly show that invites comedians to goof on a live screening of a different Lifetime Original Movie. For the inaugural screening, we're presenting one of the most notorious films in the Lifetime ouvre, Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, a story about a young teen who gets addicted to softcore porn. Marty DeRosa, Dan Friesen, and Megan Gailey are on deck to provide live commentary, which is very exciting.

Katie from Everything is Terrible has assembled an excellent trailer, showcasing some of the most insane snippets from the film. Watch it and get excited about tonight's show!

Once in a Lifetime is tonight, June 19th at 8pm at Lincoln Hall. Tickets are $5.

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"Another last Friday of the month, another Creative Control at saki."

We've done this Creative Control thing 6 or 7 times at this point, and I feel like the show's never been better. Joe McAdam does a killer job hosting and building an eclectic lineup of performers, and it's pretty heartwarming to see a community of comics and regular humans has built around the show, with a large percentage of folks consistently coming out each month.

November's show features another ridiculously strong bill, and with a few acts I've never actually seen perform before, which is always exciting for me, personally.

We've got standup from Matt Drufke, Michael Joyce, Candy Lawrence, Andrew Smreker, and former Chicagoan, current LA resident, Kevin Lee, as well as sketch or other bizzare shit from Christina Boucher and Chris Stephens, and music from local weirdo rockers Oshwa

Powell Brew House, a Chicago-based brewers' collective, has been kind enough to offer up their homebrews for sampling, free of charge. All they ask is for a small tip, which they split with the show's performers. I can't explain how much I love that they're doing this, and am really happy to be working with such forward-thinking and generous folks. 

Creative Control November is this Friday, 11/30 at 8pm. The show's totally free, as always, but you should definitely bring money for donations/tips. It's the least you can do. saki is at 3716 W. Fullerton. See you there.