Annie Donley's Teake it or Leave it advise!

Local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley is back to help guide those in search of direction, armed with her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise:

Dear Annie,

I found out last night (through conversation) that I was not invited to a friend's wedding. Normally this would not bother me, but I'm starting to feel like the odd man out on this. I know wedding invitations are a headache for the couple-to-be but I can't help but feel left out. Should I tell my friend my feelings or just congratulate him when I see him next?



Let me tel lu about a little garl name is ANARKY .. this is what me brother use to call me wyen we were justlittle kids wow this is rilly teaking me back! some might may call my brothr a very rude dude but i just call him brother OK then well you see my rbother he would often times scare me around the house just for teh hoot of it. well he iused to creepily up behind me doing a crab walk if u have not seen humans do thi s crab walk well consider yourselve lucky! LO!l it a very horrifying disfigure imagery of the body! Hey they should make a scary movie ahbout THAT lmao the horror movies today are mostly self rightues garbage. i could writ one for goddsakes ANYWHO back to the the crab walk As if theat isn’t enough to be a bad brother there are often would be times he would geniunie hurt my feelings all I wanted twas to play Tenage mutant ninjas turtles on Nintendo with him (a gret game!] but no !! he would yell so loud ANARK GET OUT OF ME ROOOM until the cows come home .

So is that ALL he did? no! now here come the kicker honey…well he would look at me forearms and seeing them hair on the arms yell GORILA GIRL GORILLA ARMS GIRL! imagine this i was 7 years old!! Well it hurt me and hurt me bad so I shave my arms for decades to come . I tell u some days my arms were s o slick yes swollen with razor rash I looky like a godame olympics SWIMMER who just got out of a fery chlorinated piss pool! ! !

Finilly I have forgave my brother. Well I felt I had to Since t is not his fault he was not the one born with BRAIN in the family lma!! (hey i got him there but he damaged me for a lifetime) yes it wasnt until recently that I truly LET IT GOooo ha hat ha just liek the movie . everybody is so up in arms about thatn movie but it is NOT all that. if we are talking about of Disney greats and classiscs well my friends look nope further than the LION KING HELLO amen /! OK samba dad dead in that flick!.!! that was truly a moment in history were Disney was NOT afraid to push the limits . now all they do is pump out CGI fromn the computer studio and slap just OK tunes on them. WOWWO thank s for the menories Disney – NOT. now pls DIE! !

ok gttg glad i could help!

love your bff annie.ldonley@gmailcom! (i f u wanna be MY bff too then just right to me1!)

"OH BEHAVE" -Ausitin fucking Power!!