7 Reasons to check out Seven Minutes In Purgatory by Ian Abramson

Seven Minutes in Purgatory is a show produced by me, Ian Abramson, in conjunction with The Steamroller, where comedians perform to a camera, and the audience watches live from another room.

We're doing it again, ONCE MORE, on Saturday, June 21st, then not again for quite a while, so you're going to want to check this one out.

Not sold? You can watch the entirety of the first show in a series of Youtube videos embedded below, accompanied by an explanation of why you should watch each set.

1. My Opening Set

Because I lost it. I had been thinking about this show for months but there was no way I could fathom what it would be like to expect laughs, but not be able to hear them. The weird nerves of it made me just keep breaking into laughter.

2. Tommy Mac

Tommy came in as prepared as one might be able to do. He has great jokes just for this set, as well as wonderful riffs. Before he went up, I could tell he was just gonna be silly, but I had no idea he was gonna crush like that

3. Katie McVay

Katie was the perfect person to demonstrate the anxiety that this experiment could bring out in someone. She owned it with wonderful riffs, and abstract jokes.

4. Mike Sheehan

One of the most unique writers in Chicago, and a favorite of mine to see do crowd work. Going between incredible jokes, and such strange twists in his riffing, makes me want to have this video be my alarm in the morning.

5. The Puterbaugh Sisters

The Puterbaughs are great. The only act that had someone else in the room, but the exception to the rule demonstrates just how weird the show truly is. Also, this is the first set where we've released it WITHOUT the audio of the audience behind it.

6. Drew Frees

You NEED to see Drew sing, while you can JUST barely hear the audience singing with him through the wall. An incredible moment.

7. Derek Smith

When Derek is on stage, you never feel like you know where he's going next. In a setting where he was not able to gauge whether the audience liked what he was doing, he still managed to thrive.

The next show is going to really be something. We've got a lot of cool things planned, and some special guests lined up.

Be there. If you're not, I won't have any idea.

-Ian Abramson