Annie Donley's Teake it or Leave it advise

Local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley is back to help guide those in search of direction, armed with her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

hey dude

how do you send a follow-up email to a place that you are trying to work for, when they didn't respond to your last email you sent 8 days ago?

weell and a hearty felt howdy DUDEY to u adn yours DUDE!!

for me cannot recall the last time I was address as dude what as if I asm living on th ebeach like a beach boy!! OOooweeeooo weeoo weeoo ooooooo!! or mayber u meant DUDE as a old wild west cowdudee and that case U GOT ME lolLll . me myself I grown up in texas my neighbors and ferinds werent country hicks but one of them, SUSAN is and I would play barbies with her as a children we would jam to Barbes all hickelberry day! Ssusan lived next door and she were my best bud but her famil well they love church and old sticks- what hicks, ho!

I tell u Maybe this si familer scene to you ,,,me and susan we would turn my whole room into babries hous e when we would makey our barbies cook clean go to wor k and have Skiopper do the nasty on the sofa with her naughty boyufriend that ken ddaddy didn’t approval of!!! Well ur questin made me think

One day we jammed so hard at barbires all dingleberry day and evenin! And then all of a sundden we hear a bell being run g outside the house…it was susans mom poundin on a old dinner bell ! ill be damned if the wohole neihborhood didn’t hear this backwoods telephone a ringing! Then she hollered SUSANNNNNNNS USSSUSUUUUSSSAANNNN!!! So loud I tell u it made skipper jump off that couch and put hr clothes back on!LLOL! well sussn darted out that door so fast til the cow s came home …but she never did come back to play after she sad she would.

I waitd and waited. Twern’t anything else to do but wai t! I felt like forest fump on a stump just waiting for her to come back. Susan stayed In tnhat night. I cleaned up the Barbie jam myself with a broken heart on the ferge of trears!

But I learned patience not to bloiw my wad and marc h upto her door and see why she lied about coming back over because she didnt…I believe this made me a stronfer person in the end, do not sweat what u cant control. U see patience isn’t just about NOT doin something its also about actively not throwing urself onto someone! so whcill out with the email dude don’t u think there ar enough emails to boot!??!

So don’t swaet what u ucant control . no dude who has sweated pussy has ever been ok…and everyone know ya cant control pusasy!!!

jammin since 198--????????? ;) annie.donley!

-Annie Donley