Annie Donley's Teake it or Leave it advise!

Local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley is back to help guide those in search of direction, armed with her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

Hey Annie,

One of my best friends is leaving town. A person who has always been supportive both interpersonally and socially. What are some ways to cope when someone you count on leaves?


WElll tip of my hat to u sire for i now the sorrow of friend leaving and how when a friend leaves how that a makey someone very miserable to be aroun d!

wish i could hug you or your dry your tear but wihsing never did much for me..............

Oh! how i used t wish
upon a well
id trhrow the change upon't
and daddy said 
you NEVER tell
the wish you wished 
(_that is, should you wantit)

so alwyas the dreamer
the penny, i hoped,
would fall into the water
and seeing that coppery
morsal of hope
i plotted.
(You seee, i was a plotter!)

i shall no tell u readers
what this wishing was
those contenst i shall save.
but i tell u THIS (now listen close, beasts!
no wish came true
for im still a fuckin gslave!!)?

WHAT A LORD OF bunk wishin can do! LLO!lL! U see ur quesiton made me think of this wishy well i used to thorow dreams and cash away into. Hey my dad he problly think i wish i could get those loans aopproved!!! well too sorry to say how in debt we were as a home and as we sank in the sqaulor of the recession (ps tremmember when RECESS meant something GOOD!???!) the LORD did nothing to help my dad.


uyour question also got me to thinking about something else your question made me think o f when my cat left me to die! Now i was away and mky parents had her put dow n without my consent- a pink shot was faciltatted to her unbenowns't to me. As i hear my panrents tell me the terrifying news over the pohone the best advice i can GIVE u is i just pushed it to the back of my mind. forget about this cat and focus on gettingg a new one. As I say this to you my policy is ALWYAS honesty, you can rmember the good times and laugh and smile but keep i t to yourself. your new friends will not want to hear about or hear about these old memories

forgive about this friend but nevre forget!

may luck be with you Starve.

please sir more advices sir!

-Annie Donley