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Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

Dear Annie, 

I've noticed some fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. I've tried nature's botox aka bangs (lol) but I'm thinking about other preventative measures. What are your thoughts on botox or a face lift? At what age should one go under the knife/needle? I'm only 30 but I really want to be in a KFC commercial.

Love your column! Thanks for your thoughtful advice!


Hapless Aging Gal

Helloooooo hagless!!

Wow ur message got me thinkin OK IM HUNGEE for come fried chick!!L aint I have a goodfood man to bring me my DISH WISH But n-eway I dirgress u sound liek a vary sensitieive person so I will go gentle with u and sey THIS ur not gonna liek this?

i just find ist so funny that eeveryone everybody hates a lier but then its mostly women who hate the lier and then turn there back an d then they go and getthat face lifted and that buttucked and that is why men like chris TUCKer go nuts when he see thtat ladies new butt o wowwew!! The men they do scream and shout! well if tht whole situatin isn’t a lie my friends then my name isn’ t DOfNNELLEY (LOl!! See what i do there? CLEARly as daylight this is just not how you speel my name yet the TV GUID will never did get that right! LO!!! OK OK ok Whas not so funny tho if I can get serious for one mintue. . .. tthis country has GOT to stop!!/!

even as I say thisto you now I look out into the room and not no one stand to raises theyre hand to say YES IM GUILTY of these LIES!!! Yet then who is truly guilty of them ultimately we w ill all pay for hiding behind someone elses backyard!!! Time to speak up hapless ITS U AND ME TO BLAME! Funny enogh that we say this an d ppl hate us, but we ar the ones who will be able to love others bc we now loves ourselves. wowAmericans getting dumper and dumper everday If the Puritans resurrected today they will disown their descendants !~ They chose the over Mother Teresa en PrincessDiana... and what a shame to humanity. PhD in Devil worshiping.


The buck an lies stops here! Don’t not lie abot ur age

u can be a pimpor a hoe but u just never know until you ask!

-Annie Donley