Interview: Scooper, author of Little Boys Room

Little Boys Room, a webcomic glorifying bad attitudes and rule breaking, is making its debut on The Steamroller this week. To commemorate, regular contributor Sean Rose interviewed Richard “Scooper” Scooperman, the reclusive creator of the strip. The following interview took place over email.

Sean Rose: So could you tell us a little bit about Little Boys Room, for anyone who might not be familiar with it?

Scooper: yea little boys room is a comic i write and i draw and it's about me & my life & my thoughts on the world. things like how books suck and how much burgers rule

SR: Wow cool. When'd you first get the idea to draw Little Boys Room? Could you tell us a little bit about your background as a cartoonist?

Scooper: wow great question. I dont know how to draw never really did it before but i was bored at work one day and then it happened! never stopped or looked back after that

SR: Where do you work, Richard?

Scooper: that seems like a very personal question i thought this was about my comic

SR: Oh it is, but your comic reflects how you view the world and I think that'd be easier for your readers to understand if they knew more about your life

Scooper: ok. i'm a manager at the panera on 32nd ave

SR: That's in North Dakota, correct?

Scooper:  yea grand forks baby!

“Scooper” in his parents’ Grand Forks, ND home.

“Scooper” in his parents’ Grand Forks, ND home.

SR: How many friends do you have?

Scooper: a lot of friends. so many

SR:  Who's your best friend?

Scooper: wow this is very personal

SR: Okay then. I've noticed there aren't many women in Little Boys Room. Actually, there aren't any women at all. Is this because none of your friends are women?

Scooper: no a lot of my friends are women i have had a lot of girlfriends

SR: Do you have a girlfriend now?

Scooper no but i could if i wanted to. there are no girls in the comic because i dont know how to draw girls

SR: I mean, with a little practice I'm sure you could learn how to do it

Scooper: ok thanks coach. rude much? damn. i don't practice i'm too busy

SR: Critics have referred to you as a "rude crude dude who is probably a virgin." Comments?

Scooper: first part is true second part NOT true!!

SR: Why do you think someone would call you a virgin?

Scooper: i dont know they're probably virgins themselves. projecting on me. let me set the record straight. i am NOT a virgin. i have had sex a LOT

SR: But a lot of people seem to think otherwise, which I just find interesting.

Scooper: this is not about my comic

SR:  Fair enough. Little Boys Room features a lot of comics based on songs like "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" and the Friends theme. Are these your favorite songs? And what's your favorite song of all time?

Scooper: thank you for this good question. i love music & have lots of favorites. i draw comics to some of my favorites like the friends theme and jet but my favorite song is the theme song from pirates of the caribbean. it was in a comic though i thought you would've seen it. like, do your homework jeez

The comic in question

The comic in question

SR: Oh I did see that, but I thought that was more about the character than you personally

Scooper: oh ok i guess that makes sense. im sorry i snapped at you.

SR: That's fair. Back to music for a second - do you think we'll ever see a Little Boys Room based on one of my favorite tunes? Maybe Benny Goodman's classic "In The Mood," or the spicy Tom Jones hit "It's Not Unusual." Would love to see one of those!

Scooper: wow. how old are you man? are you a dad? jesus

SR: I'm 26

Scooper:  holy shit

SR: I just love the classics!

Scooper. free country i guess

SR: Cool stuff. So from reading your comic, it looks like you have a pretty low opinion of education. Where are you currently going to school?

Scooper: i graduated man, central high school class of 2012

SR: Cool. Interestingly enough, I actually talked to your freshman year science teacher Mr. Anderson. He told me you were a bright, attentive A student right up to your graduation. Care to comment?

Scooper: no

SR: Why the title Little Boys Room?

Scooper: its rude and crude

SR: It doesn't strike me as particularly rude. Just my personal opinion

Scooper: youve got a lot of opinions. thought this was about me/ guess its about you

SR: Sorry. You're right.

Scooper: whatever. i gotta go soon. you have anything else you wanna say to me

SR: Yeah, one last question. Little Boys Room started off more as a comic about things you love: McDonalds, skateboarding, farts. But recent comics have taken a turn towards things you hate: nerds, Daft Punk, hipsters. Will the comic continue in this direction? And can you explain that change?

Scooper: its the same thing to me. i like something like mcdonalds. i like not liking hipsters. if you don't like it you can shove it.

SR: Yeah fair enough. It just feels different is all

Scooper: but you dont like it you love it

SR: Wow.

Scooper: so i'll be up here in a rage, til they bring the curtain down on the stage

SR: Damn

Scooper: =weezer=

SR:  Will Weezer ever appear in your comic?

Scooper: no more questions.

SR: Okay

Scooper:  tell everyone i sell comics on ebay. i have alot of marvel 2099

An issue of Spider-Man 2099

An issue of Spider-Man 2099

SR: Thanks, Scooper. It’s been a pleasure.

Scooper: whatever.