Annie Donley's Teake it or Leave it advise

Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

Hi Annie:

I live in a building with thin walls and my neighbors like to stay up late playing video games.  It's okay in the evening, but I have to work early in the morning so I like to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  What is an appropriate way to ask them to tone it down after 10pm?



Hello pDing dong

\what video games they play bc I hapn to know them all well anyways I think many ppl as k this question without realising they know the answer this whole time they knew it LEMME put it to you THIS WAY If you can answer any of the follow with YES then read on

-AM I complanning about someone who is simply living ??
-AM i forcing my life of living on someone else? ..?
-Maybe time to stop and think of other ppl (even though I would never admit im selfish_???
-DO I Need to find a new job??
-IS playin g videogames more fun than approppriately beating around thebush about curfews to my grown ass neighber?


well DAHLLLING hate to break it but there is no appropriate way to ask them to tone it down after 10 . u are a bich ass mom if you do this thing , SIMPLY put…. .it is NOT polite or popular


Think about how the people of traderJoes ask “HOW UR DAY BEEN,?” while u a re waiting to pay wowowoW OK!! I do NOT need to be asked this i mean who really give a Floot . they only do it bc there bosses say'" WE HAVE TO BE DIRFERENT THEN ALL SHOPS so BE POLIT to The CUSTOMERS I GUESS THE ONLY Way TO do this is TO ASK HO W UR DAY GOING MACK? " well to be honest id love eit if they could cut it out with them hawii shirts OK OK so I dont say theat to the employe but that is bec I am being POLITE insted I say O MY DAY IS FINE TANKS ' sometimes I am just fuming at the checkout but I do not say the rotten thouts that come to my head.Many call me a Coward but NO ONE can call me bitch these days :D

In summaration ...your idea “thin’ walls makey me laugh bc deary walls ahave always been just walls and my friend sound like you & ur walls have yourself f a good ol fashinoned insulations problem --hint NOT the wall in ur apt but the wall in ur heart but GOOD NEWS GOOD NEW is you are not a dog you are a free person who can to move to somewhere else u r not bound to that bulding .

u r always also free to not teake this advise but do not look at me when ur enightbor starts to terorise you! do I think terrorism exists(OK yes but we should get pull our troopsout of there) do I THINK terrorism is a reason to start a war (well yes but I also do think it is a vary real emotion in many mans heart so bewarne_)

truly what goesaround come around. now be a good neighber and bake a me some cookie dammit!! eat pray love baby. boom.

look ive got u covered!! ON!

-Annie Donley