Mike’s Hard’s Hard Laughs Festivade: Your Best Bets

Tomorrow night at the Upstairs Gallery is the second annual Mike's Hard's Hard Laughs Festivade sketch festival, and is definitely the only sketch comedy festival happening this weekend in Chicago. Producer/founder of the festivade, Brian McGovern is here with a guide to some of the best of the fest, hitting the stage tomorrow at 10:30pm. Mike's Hard's Hard Laughs Festivade is a totally free, BYOB affair.

With so many sketch groups coming in from out of town for Chicago’s only Sketch Comedy Festival sponsored by Mike’s Hard Lemonade, it can be a little overwhelming to know which acts to check out.

Well this year The Steamroller and the fest’s curator, Brian McGovern, have made a list of the hardest acts guaranteed to get the hardest laughs. We’ve compiled this list using the most accurate and foolproof methods available to modern journalists to determine who is the funniest: by looking at performer-submitted bios and press photos.

Just a reminder: these are just some of the fantastic acts performing at the Festivade. You should also be on the lookout for some other exciting out of town acts that bear a striking resemblance to Chicago’s finest sketch comedians including Andrew Tisher, Michael Brunlieb, Tim Baltz, John Reynolds and a whole lot more all within the time frame of 10:30 to about midnight.


Bert Sherbert is a PHYSICAL comedian who currently lives in an abandoned school bus in Juneau, Alaska. Hes originally from Dayton, Ohio but relocated to Alaska because his wife...sorry, X-wife, wanted to be closer to her family. Hes currently going through a vicious custody battle for his two kids and one dog. He tries to stay positive and PHYSICAL! Bert loves Jim Carey. He wrote himself a check for $1,000,00 just like Jim. He lost it and hopes no one tries to cash it. He does most of his comedy at birthday parties and old folks homes but has dreams of being a big time Hollywood man one day. It it ain't PHYSICAL than FUCK IT! lol"




We arrive excite from Iceland to put on comedy show for the good people of Chicago!! Feature stand up and comic genius of Devjork and Sarolfur, two brave strong Icelandic women happy cool to meet Mike Lemonade and perform in the heated Chicago climate. Like a iceberg, you laugh at us and go "Hope there is more where that come from!"




The Joliet Droppers are Chicagoland's south westernmost comedy troupe!  Their unique point of view shows just what it's like to be a Chicagolandian. Dorsey Gibson and Cliff Van Slyke bring a purely Chicagoland comedy style to the Mike's Hard’s Hard Laughs Festivade Fest in Andersonville, which is also technically in Chicagoland.  If you're a Chicagolander, get ready to laugh out loud at some real classic Chicagoland humor that those dickheads from Peoria just don't get.




Tim Dirt and Jeff Bagg are The Dirtbag Boys. Fresh off their recent tour of "It's the Cake Talking: A Sketch Show and Skank Parade," which earned them a lifetime ban from Sarah Lawrence College, The Dirtbag Boys aim to hold a coke stained mirror up to society. From Priest sex to dwarf sex there is no topic these pervs wont sniff. So as the boys say at the top of every show, "Get set, Get Wet, Go fuck yourself.




Cough Syrup was dropped on June 20th 1984, born and raised in Staten Island, NY.  He’s fresh out of a 90 day stint in rehab where he claims to be cured from his addiction to NyQuil.  He couldn’t happier to be a part of The Mike’s Hard Lemonade Comedy Festival.  He vows to break his sober streak and smash fifty thousand Mike’s Hards.  His show credits include performing at the Queens Juvenile Detention Center, inside of a janitor bucket owned by The UCB Theater at the corner of 8th Ave. & 25th street, and on a practice team inside the Marcy Projects.  Although he’s banned from doing improv at most theaters for pulling out a pistol every time ensemble members pulled out fake guns, he’s happy that he has the art of sketch comedy to release his anger.  He wants to thanks his Mom, God, and NBA superstar Jamal Crawford for giving him inspiration to believe in himself and do what he do.   


-Brian McGovern