Interview: David Gborie of the Shitty Kisses comedy tour

The Shitty Kisses comedy tour, featuring four comics from the West Coast (San Francisco and Los Angeles, to be exact), stops in Chicago for a show tonight at saki. The Shitty Kisses lineup features Josh Androsky, Clare O’Kane, Caitlin Gill, and David Gborie, whose combined credits include Vice Magazine, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, SF Sketchfest, and The Price is Right .

In advance of tonight's (totally free and BYOB) show (at 8pm at saki) I talked over email with party dude David Gborie, a San Francisco-based joke slinger, all about the tour's development and progress so far. For more Shitty Kisses, plus locals Adam Burke and Goodrich Gevaart, come out to saki tonight, it's at 3716 W. Fullerton. The show starts at 8pm and it's free and BYOB. See you there!

The Steamroller: Tell us a little about yourself, what's your background in standup? 

David Gborie: I'm a party dude. Big time. I started standup a little over three years ago in San Francisco and I love it to death. It's my favorite. 

TS: You don't see a ton of DIY-style comedy tours, what inspired you to organize the Shitty Kisses tour? 

David:  Well, we all have warrants in the state of California. Real Talk.

But honestly, between us all, we've been to each of these cities before, and experienced each of their independent comedy scenes. There's an amazing group of comedians in just about every city in America (Sorry Harrisburg, Pennsylvania!) and unfortunately, we're all too broke to meet each other. We decided to basically just hang out with all the friends we made in our travels, and they said we can do standup too-- so, fuck yes. Also: the warrants.

TS: How'd you meet and come to work with the other comics on the tour? 

David: It's all pretty organic. Clare and I started doing comedy within a few months of each other in SF and have been on a bunch of comedy trips together. We're pretty much O.G. road dogs at this point.

I met Josh when he came up from LA and did my show a couple years ago. He was wearing red pants, half finger gloves and a weird maritime trench coat, I figured he was either super awesome or from the future and we've been down ever since.

Caitlin is a member of the Business which is the like the ultimate SF comedy crew and we just met being in the scene together. We came to work together mostly because of those warrants. 

TS: How would you describe Claire, Josh, and Caitlin as comics and as tourmates?

David: Caitlin is a trill ass muthafucka and a beast of a comic, she's super original and hilarious and kills regardless of the situation.

Josh is a fuckin live-wire, man. He goes super hard and really puts his heart into every show, plus when he gets sweaty he slicks his hair back, it makes him look like Emilio Estevez-- Which is hilarious.

Clare is one of the coolest dudes. Period. She's super laid back but in like a hilarious "oh shit did she just tell a poop joke?" kinda way. Which is awesome cuz everybody poops. 

TS: What's the tour been like so far? Any weird shit happen yet? 

David: Man, St. Louis might have a funny definition for "museum" but there's a place full of slides, caves, and a bunch of dead animals that may or may not have been there on purpose.

Also in Denver we were playing a house show and a girl puked during Androsky's set, then Caitlin pulled everybody outside and closed the show out in the back yard. Everything's been pretty great so far. No meltdowns or anything, plus the girls keep us from being our dirty stinky selves which is always a plus.