10 Chicago Comedians That Are In a Show at iO on Tuesdays at 10:30 (Upstairs!!)

One of my favorite shows I've seen this summer was the double bill of Pizza Party and Where Da Party At? at iO. It was recently announced that their initial run of dates were extended through September 17th, and in celebration of their great successes thus far, Where Da Party At? member Kristina Felske has sent over a list of ten Chicagoans who are definitely in a show upstairs at iO on Tuesdays at 10:30. I hope your favorite made the list!


If pandering to an audience were an art form, Kristina Felske would be Chicago's most renowned artist. A definite miss.


When Julia Weiss is not misinterpreting the improv stage as an appropriate platform to further her feminist agenda, she's crying because boys don't like her.


Susie Gutowski likes to show off her low-functioning verbal skills by playing children, robots, and aliens. She is also uncomfortably tall for a woman.


Brian McGovern has been arrested for assault and battery in three states for knocking someone unconscious while flailing his skinny boy arms around while improvising. Each victim was in the audience.


Becca Taubel has never said the word "yes" in her life, even when asked if she wants another glass of white wine—she just takes the bottle and pours it herself.


Amy Speckien is known for walking on when walk-ons aren't necessary. Often, these walk-ons only make sense to her. Audience members frequently whisper in confusion.


Alex Honnet is to improv as Glen Close is to Michael Douglas in "Fatal Attraction."


Stephanie Jones has a flat affect that consistently separates her from her scene partners. She is often referred to as a "damp dish towel."


Maria Randazzo has the personality of a sick horse and it shows on stage.


Walt Delaney has got to be the most forgettable person in any room. Once he was mistaken for boring wallpaper.


-Kristina Felske