Annie Donley's Teake it or Leave it advise

Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

Hey Annie,

How many times a week does a healthy couple make love?


HI Terrence

I duuno two or three if their feelin naughty?? not rilly sure what healthy means cuz i have an aunt who say she health but all she does is eat ham rollups and drink dr pepper lol yet she tells people that she owns a gym ?? people lie so the healthy people telk u they will sex 4 days a week when they are really not at all and the nasty scum will freak all the time but how very unhealthy their lifestyles is!!! i can tell u this maeking love doesnt make or bake the relationship yes ys i know ur gonna sey but annie wow am i horney and i would really love to get somthing suckd very soon OK ys but here me out first pls.... sex is hot but its no everyhitng bc its also what u do outside of the bedroom that mattrs IMHO

well what do u mean dam!!? u ask ok fair qustion with a vary easy answer : No cheating and hol d urself in high estreem bc if u cant love yourself then brother u havent the room to love somene if u can't even love yourown self! Don't believe me just u wait. And see what low self asteem will get you...

i had a coworker who look to get a body message online well she found it and more! a posting said i am a massous so she went but it turned into a very sscary situation quicklky since the man got completely naked during the massage he threatened her not tto tell! but I Am HERE to tell you things are NOT what they seem-my friend was married and this sexperience truly turned her life backwards!

You see after that her husband shorly lost his job due to lack of sleep he was jealuous inside!! so he satyed at home to try and make moeney to keep a roo f over their head and feed 4 damn mouths to feed! he tried to make money buy clicking banner ads he thought he could make 40 thousand easy like many housewifews can but turns out the only thing he make is a messy marriage -he did not make a cent!! They are still together but i tell u this the tension betwn them could slice metal very sharp!! when something seems eaier said than done it is someone ON THE OTHER SIDE ready to take over your life at all cost! DO NOT sell bargain w/the devil for HE wakls and works among us

Many will ignor this important advice but hey if i can change just one persons mind then it was worth it all lalong.


burning question or itch?? LOL GO SEE A DR U FOOL!!! but really pls email me for the question though