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My sister and I recently began living together and our dogs do NOT get along. Her dog is female while mine is male, and they both are very sweet, playful, and affectionate. But when they get together, my dog seems to show signs of intense jealousy, as he growls and shows his teeth. If he hears me call my sister's dog's name or sees me pet her, he barks and will sometimes claw at me. I am so upset by this that it's been negatively affecting my relationship with my sister. Is there any way that we can remedy this situation and live together peacefully under one roof? Help!

- Pat W.

hell patw-

I would say call youre local vetrenerian but I know I can usual not even get a live preson to answer their phones!! is it like they have dog secretarys???? good Help is  vary hard to com eby this days wow

Are the doggs also brother an sister bcz if so sound to me leik a classic case of the sibling blues my brother tries not to mes s with me bc we r very differint in age but yes one or 3 times he hsa thrown a punch and also slaped me across my fce with balaonie ha haOK that was on chrismas to!  Litle known fact about me i was raesied in Texas and we use guns to settle problems for instant one nayborhood Dog use to goaround and pee pee in everyone yeard and he would poop sometimes to A very filthy beast indead.  Well    my very funny neiybor did not take not sh-t from NE1 he was raised on river and always called his daughter a slut he sey "u act like a sult and i will treat you as slutch" don mess with texass!! i tell u they were someting else like out of 8 Mile or something  well at a very dark night he shot that dog in the middle of it's eye with his BeBe gun one dark night and wow di d that rais a fuss in the neighborhood since we had a VETERNERIAN who live on our bloc!k (who never answerd their phones amiright!! halol)   the vet was so pissd she pass out flyers to everyon saying 'there is a hownd killer in our hood! hide your kid hide your dogs! cats too!"  it was vry sad but most people just laughed.  that dog nevr did die may he poop in piece???

-Annie Donley