Think Tank's Annual Christmas Benefit Show

Paul Robinson, of local sketch group Think Tank, checks in with a plug for their holiday fundraiser, which is tonight (December 13th) at Fizz Bar.

I know all you want to do this time of year is fatten up on figgy pudding and deck the halls with good King Wenceslas, but it's time to get serious for a moment. Put down the egg nog, turn off Rudy the Red-Nosed Notre Dame player, and do something good for society. Go to Fizz Bar and help Think Tank Comedy raise money to fight Alzheimer's disease. You'll even get to drink and laugh!

For the fourth year in a row, Think Tank Comedy is throwing a holiday fundraiser show. All proceeds from the evening will go directly to the MaeBell Ward Foundation for Alzheimer’s research. The MaeBell Ward Foundation is a local charity founded by friend of the group, Terron Edmonds, after losing his grandmother to the disease. Three out of four members of Think Tank also lost grandparents to Alzheimer’s, making MaeBell Ward Foundation an especially meaningful selection for the guys. (As to not feel left out, Kevin, whose mom was adopted, assumes that at least one of his biological, maternal grandparents died of Alzheimer's too. At least one. So make that 4 out of 4, guys.)

Think Tank Comedy have been staying busy this year, recently completing their original sketch comedy pilot, Misguided TV, which premiered in September at the legendary Music Box Theater. The guys also just wrapped on another comedy pilot, Sick Day, that was produced by local studio Odd Machine and featured fellow Chicago comics Mike Lebovitz, Megan Gailey, Sherman Edwards, Kenny DeForest, and Bill Arnett, among others. The studio hopes to shop the pilot around to networks, describing it as “What the Daily Show is to Nightly News, Sick Day is to Good Morning America”. The pilot episode is expected to be premier here in Chicago sometimes this winter.

For the holiday show, special guest The Puterbaugh Sisters, Kevin Pomeroy, and Drew Frees will be filling out the lineup. Frees and Think Tank ran the monthly show Pistol Party together for over three years before calling it quits earlier this year. Since ending Pistol Party, Think Tank has been focusing heavily on video production, but is excited to work out some brand new live scenes at the holiday show, in part as a warm-up for their upcoming Saturday night slot at the Chicago Sketchfest in January. Their new scenes feature everything from “hand jobs to torture” so it should promise to leave the audience feeling a warm fuzzy holiday cheer.

The show takes place Thursday, December 13th at 8:00 upstairs at Fizz Bar & Grill. Your $10.00 donation at the door will go directly to a great cause, and get you some great laughs. Think Tank boasts a hilarious new video will also be shown at the show, the result of a bizarre encounter with holiday shoppers on Michigan Ave. Let’s just say, they met a guy named Gator. He didn't suffer from Alzheimer’s, but nonetheless had a hard time remembering which way he was going