IMBG: The International Movie Betting Game

I like game shows. Now, honestly, I don’t watch many these days, but I definitely like the idea of them. My favorites are the panel-style shows (Hollywood Squares, Match Game, etc.), where the game itself takes a back seat to the banter from the celebrity guests.

That's why I’m very excited to be involved with IMBG: The International Movie Betting Game. I help produce events at saki , a record store in Logan Square, and next Thursday, October 18th, we’re presenting the show in the luxurious Schubas Upstairs Lounge. It's a game show inspired by a series of events we've had at the store in the past called Predictive Gaming for Substandard Films, but has been tweaked to the point that a name change was in order.

The gist of the game is this: we’re screening a terrible rock’n’roll themed movie (it is presented by a record store, after all), and several times throughout the screening, we’re going to pause the movie and pose a multiple choice question to our two contestants about what’s about to happen onscreen. A panel will offer their advice to the contestants, who will then give their answer, along with a point wager. The answer will then present itself onscreen, to the delight/despair of everyone. This process will repeat itself several times.

IMBG is hosted by Joe McAdam, a frequent collaborator with saki (he also hosts and produces the store’s monthly variety show, Creative Control), and features a panel of local funny people, including Chad Briggs, Cullen Crawford, Bill Cruz, and Katie McVay.

The show is at 7pm next Thursday, October 18th, in the Schubas Upstairs Lounge, and is totally free.

If you’re interested in being a contestant, write us at