Q&A with Performance Anxiety’s Kevin Brody and Kristin Clifford!

Performance Anxiety has a brand-new co-producer in Kevin Brody (who is rad). In light of that, and in light of the fact that we get a lot of questions from interested comedians and the occasional non-comedian, we thought we’d update the old Q&A that the wonderful Goodrich Gevaart had submitted.

Below are our own answers to some of the more common questions we get. Any other ones? Just ask us! We’re nice.

Q: Why do you have rules about what I can’t say?  My gay panic jokes are hilarious!

A.  Well, they’re probably not.  Also, there are two main reasons.  Check it:

  • Pleasure Chest is a functioning adult store. They’re wonderful people and it’s a wonderful place to host a comedy show related to sex. It’s also a wonderful place to buy a sex toy (and other sexy things). Few places exist where people can feel comfortable about their sex-life...we want to empower those folks and share that feeling. Your “butt-sex is so weird, right?!” jokes are probably not the best fit. We still love you. Again, we’re only humans, doing our best, booking a comedy show in a sex store (and tryin’ ta get FUCKED), you know?
  • Making fun of dildos and fleshlights and vibrators at a sex show is grasping for pretty low hanging balls (DID YOU SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?!). We get it, there are penises and sexy things. You know where the show is. Making fun of sex toys in a sex store is boring. Making fun of people buying sex toys in a sex store doesn’t make any sense...they’re doing exactly what the establishment was designed for. We’re the ones telling jokes in a sex store, which is (objectively) way weirder. Be cool.

Basically the store is really cool to us and they let us do a show there, and all they ask is that we be respectful, sex positive, and leave their customers alone. It’s pretty simple.

Q: What does sex positive mean?

A: It means lots of stuff, but mostly that consensual sex of all kinds is cool, and it would be cool if you were cool with it. Cool? Cool. Really (to us) it means that adults can and should enjoy sex in myriad ways, and we think folks should be accepting and supportive.

Q: Do I have to talk about sex?

A: Nope. This is not a Salt ‘n’ Pepa jam, it’s a stand-up show. (Though all Spinderellas are welcome).

Q: What if I want to talk about a sub-par sexual experience? Can I only talk about positive sex stuff?

A: Go for it! Being sex-positive doesn’t mean all your sex or stories about sex have to be amazing. We’re only human. And we LOVE GOSSIP! Give it to us.

Q: Why won’t you book me?

A: That’s a weird question.

Q: What’s wrong with my “......” joke?

A: Nothing. Wrong place wrong time.

Q: What do I say that’s so bad?

A: We’re not your Dad (or Daddy, or Mommy, or Mommie, or Mama. Or Papi or Mami.). Who knows? We’re trying to have fun in a sex store. If you’re really that bummed about something, we’re all sexy adults, we can talk.

Q: *BLANK* really annoyed me about your show because *BLANK*

A: Bummer city. If you’re really upset, again, we’re sexy adults. If you’re annoyed because you feel like someone was purposely hurtful...let us know.

Q: But I’m annoyed because “comedy is comedy and booking is comedy and comedy means I get booked and comedy because so many years fuck you comedy do you know who I opened for fuck you I don’t want to be on your fucking show why comedy them comedy they hate foot porn comedy fuck rules fucking whatever bullshit laugh comedy clips whatever you don’t know shit comedy fuck stand-up freedom comedy fuck your show…”

A: Oh well.

We’ll just be over here...hosting a comedy show in an adult store.

Q: Hey! I saw this in LA, y’all copy this idea?

A: Nope! We promise the only thing we’ve stolen is your heart. We’re the sister show of Performance Anxiety LA, which was founded by Eli Olsberg and TJ Miller. The Chicago show was originally started by Rhea Butcher and Caitlin Bergh. There’s a New York City version coming soon too, so that’s awesome!

Q: I want to come to the show. Can I?

A: Yes! If you’re over 18, come to the show! It’s third Mondays (next one is May 19) and it’s free and it’s BYOB (if you’re 21). Come after the show with stuff you buy there AT A SWEET 15% DISCOUNT. Or don’t. You just do you. Or don’t. This is hard. Oh fuck! Did it again. OH SHIT. This is going to keep happening. We’re out. 

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