Once in a Lifetime presents Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life

While saki has been involved with several different riffs on the whole "comics making fun of movies live" thing, I'm probably the most excited about this new concept we're co-presenting with the fine freaks at Everything is Terrible.

Once in a Lifetime is a new monthly show that invites comedians to goof on a live screening of a different Lifetime Original Movie. For the inaugural screening, we're presenting one of the most notorious films in the Lifetime ouvre, Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, a story about a young teen who gets addicted to softcore porn. Marty DeRosa, Dan Friesen, and Megan Gailey are on deck to provide live commentary, which is very exciting.

Katie from Everything is Terrible has assembled an excellent trailer, showcasing some of the most insane snippets from the film. Watch it and get excited about tonight's show!

Once in a Lifetime is tonight, June 19th at 8pm at Lincoln Hall. Tickets are $5.