Local improv troupe takes to Craigslist in search of name, is helped by 100 desperate men

Nate Varrone wasn't yet sold on his recently formed Harold team's tentative name, Hala Khaki, so he posted an ad on Craigslist's Women seeking Men section, posing as a young woman named Charney. Charney was looking for no strings attached casual sex, as well as a name for her new improv troupe. 

Nate/Charney received nearly 100 messages full of suggestions/solicitations from the always helpful Craigslist community. What follows are a bunch of new messages exclusive to The Steamroller, as well as some of the best responses pulled from Nate's original blog post about this stunt.

Catch Hala Khaki (or Goat Curse Comedy or The Casual Six or Beat Like a Little Chimp) for their first show at iO on Sunday, June 23rd at 8pm.


First, the exclusives: 

Now, a look at some of the greatest hits: