An annotated response to the response to A Letter to the C2E2 Organizers by Mark Colomb

Earlier this week, I posted a letter written by Mark Colomb that was the product of an ongoing creative project he's working on.

The letter detailed the clearly fake struggles of a clearly fake person who was declined entrance to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo last weekend because he was dressed like a giant scrotum. A local nerd themed bar posted it on their Facebook timeline, initially thinking it was real, and asked their fans for some thoughts on the implications of the piece. As is often the case on the Facebook pages for local businesses, things quickly got out of hand and the post was soon removed.

Unfortunately, Mark was unable to respond to the controversy directly on the post before it was deleted, but was, thankfully, able to save a series of screenshots of the comments. Mark sent over an annotated version of these screenshots, offering his response to the numerous concerned nerds.

Note: If you're having trouble reading the text, click the images to view them in full size.

-Mark Colomb