Poor Choices Presents: Seasick

I began listening to Mark Colomb's Poor Choices podcast almost immediately after moving to Chicago in 2010. His interviews with local performers were a great way of finding out about shows and learning more about the scene. Colomb retired the show after releasing its 200th episode, an incredibly engaging conversation with The Annoyance's Mick Napier, in the Fall of last year.

Seasick, Colomb's newest project, features a variety of segments, like interviews, reviews, and sketches all based around a single theme. The first episode explores the difficulties, limitations, and volatility of following a dream. The show's most prominent and thought-provoking component is a conversation with Beth Melewski, whose career priorities have shifted over time to something more unique and nuanced than the pie-in-the-sky aspirations of many other performers. Other segments include a pair of Scharpling and Wurster-inspired phone conversations and a short discussion about Scorsese's oddly predictive film The King of Comedy

There's no set release schedule for upcoming episodes of Seasick, but I look forward any more that are produced. Click here to subscribe to the show (and download past episodes of Poor Choices) on iTunes.