TOPPIN THE CHARTS Vol. 2 by Gabe Liebowitz

This is the second submission from Gabe Liebowitz, singer, songwriter, and bandleader for the excellent Chicago-based folk rock band Dastardly. It's a continuation of his last submission, TOPPIN THE CHARTS.  Liebowitz explains the background of this piece thusly: "haha i had the flu and was having crazy fever dreams and i woke up at 3 in the morning and realized i had dreamt that entire music column so i just wrote it down emailed you and went back to sleep." You should download his recently released live album featuring nine really well done covers. 

hey gang. theres been so much hot music news lately that ive been forced to come out of music blog retirement to give you the scoop on all the buzz news that nobody is giving the full scoop of.


before we top the charts, lets catch up on all the music news you missed while i was away.

lil wayne almost died, and then he was ok, then he died again, but he really didn't, he's ok and he's hanging out with his best bud t.i. lil wayne was a legend in 2005 and 2008 but everything else he put out was pretty much shit, so i think it would have been ok.

everyone is freaking out about how disney princesses selena gomez and vanessa hudgens are in a dirty movie that ft. skrillex. they say they can't look at them the same, they can't even watch the disney channel anymore. here's my two cents: if you write "5005" on a calculator, it's only "BOOB" if you turn it upside down, know what i mean?

also rihanna honestly youre on your own at this point. you know at this point you are like the girl in grease who is girlfriends with the guy who races john travolta with spikes in his car and plays real dirtty, and you're just encouraging him to let him do his thing. and frank ocean is john travolta and olivia newton john is herself because she is still putting out new music. ri ri, you've gotta love yourself. autotune can fix your voice but it won't fix your relationship. :(

rip my chemical romance. everyone's abuzz right now because my chemical romance broke up. this is reminds of me of when spacehog broke up, because i was like, "wait a minute who were they again" and then spent some time on their wikipedia page and then found out the singer or someone was married to liv tyler and then i watched some of those aerosmith videos were in and thought it was kind of inappropriate that she was in those videos with her dad. rip mcr. rip spacehog. :(

lollapalooza just announced the headliners for this summers big fest. the big headliners are munford and sons, the phoenixes and vampire weekends. everyone's lame college roommate seems pretty excited about it.

wait a minute i was thinking of good charlotte, which one was my chemical romance again

harry style can breath a breath of fresh air because tay-tay has moved on to some fresh meat. apparently tay has been caught texting some twink surfer and it's all over the news.

WHEW! that's enough for music news. now, here's the scoop on the TOP 10 hits of the day.


pretty much recycled b-side singles by the top selling artists of 2012 plus that one internet meme song because we're vapid and impatient.

ALRIGHT gang! that's it for TOPPIN THE CHARTS W GABE LIEBOWITZ. remember, if youre trying to make it in the local music industry, just remember: marketing, networking, reaching out, fans, budget, networking.

-Gabe Liebowtiz