Three questions for The Lincoln Lodge

The cast of The Lincoln Lodge heads north to Rogers Park for a special standup showcase at Mayne Stage tomorrow night (Wednesday March 27th). Tickets can be purchased by clicking here, be sure to use the code word LODGE when checking out for $5 off your order. In advance of the show, I sent over three questions to be answered by all nine Lodge members.

The Steamroller: Who's your favorite current Lincoln Lodge member? Why?

Caitlin Bergh: I like Mark [Geary, the show's producer] because of his accent when he says the word "lasagna." I also like Joe for his dance moves and Derek for his ability to make all of the electronic things work. Julia terrifies me.

Charlie Bury: This is obviously a tough one to answer. I'll go with Caitlin as my favorite Lodge cast member. She's come in from day one with a lot of positive energy and willingness to make things happen. I admire how organized and efficient she is and the way she follows through for the benefit of the rest of the cast. We are lucky to have Caitlin in the Lodge family.

Saurin Choksi:  You're killin' me smallz. Ricky Gonzalez.  He is incredibly funny, a beast on stage and hilarious off. Also Ricky works tirelessly for the Lodge. He's a great leader and does so by example. I love all these cats but if forced to pick Lincoln Lodge MVP, I vote Ricky.

Ricky Gonzalez: Derek. He is the only one who really understands how to run tech and set up the room properly. Also, he is a joy to be around. Without him, we would probably be producing the show in a dark alley somewhere.

Joe Kwaczala:  When you see a lot of comedy, you start to notice trends and patterns with comedians. "Oh, this guy's just trying to be this comedian" or "I get it. He's yet another poor, scumbag comedian who rants about his dubious depression." So when you see someone who's going down their own path and forging a comedic persona that reflects what's inside them and not what surrounds them, it's truly delightful. Charlie Bury is one of those comedians. He's so funny, and he's so himself and original that sometimes I get jealous. But ultimately, I come to realize I'm just blessed to know such a beautiful soul.

Martin Morrow: Saurin, when I first moved to Chicago I would go to all of the open mics and see this guy and he'd be one of the few I would feel entertained watching. He's continued to improve and he's a fun dude. We're both cut from the same pedigree with sketch/improv backgrounds. Plus he's the only cast member an audience mixed me up with which means for one dude an Indian and a black guy are pretty much the same thing.

Dan Ronan: Caitlin Bergh because she is very nice and works very hard.

Derek Smith: Mark Geary, because he created the Lincoln Lodge, as well as making me laugh anytime he offers "constructive" criticism.

Julia Solomon: Yikes. I hate this question mostly because I feel like no one will pick me. I love everyone. I'm gonna say Ricky or Derek, because the Lodge would not be physically possible without either of them. Derek can fix any tech problem and Ricky has the most advanced managerial skills I've ever seen. Nothing would be organized without Ricky and Derek is the best at heavy lifting/setting up the room.

TS: What's your favorite moment from a show at Lodge?

Caitlin: One time, our Man on the Street segment wasn't working. I was hosting, so I was on stage just waiting for the camera image to appear...when Julia saved the day and started doing puppets behind the screen to buy us some time. The crazy part is, when I saw the outline of her her hair/face behind the screen, I thought it was MY hair/face (we have similar hair/face outlines) ...and my first thought was, " am I back there and up here at the same time? Oh my god, how am I doing this??? I'm the best host ever." That's when I realized I was really sleep-deprived.

Charlie:  A memory that makes brings a wide smile to my face occurred this year at the Comedy Central audition. What had been a very long show was finally winding down,  the waitresses were loudly dive bombing their customers and Joe was about to take the stage. Julia was hosting and had done a great job up to that point, but unfortunately she bumbled Joe's intro. I instantly thought to myself "Oh no, this isn't good" Sure enough a perturbed Joe started his set with "Alright everybody let's give it up for our Make-A Wish comedian Julia Solomon!"  It was a sequence I saw coming and was very entertained by.

Saurin:  My favorite moment is selfish because that is my nature. I had the best time in the world performing with my good friend, the hilarious John McBride as our super rap duo, Chox N Brizz. That was an amazing night overall at the Lodge, everyone brought their A+ game and crushed. We had so much fun performing our fav track, "Ate Too Much Too Fuck" It's hot on the streets.

Ricky: We had Hannibal Buress perform with us last season. We always post the lineups for every show and during his show I crossed his name off, apologized to him, and told him we had a last second replacement for him. I then wrote Screech from Saved By The Bell. He then crossed my name off and said I was being replaced by Jeff Dunham. This game went on throughout the entire show. It was pretty funny.

Joe: I was hosting and giving out the free drink in the middle of a show, and the name I drew was "Dave" something. And this other guy was getting really excited because his name was also "Dave." And then another guy started cheering as well, another Dave. Never before or since have I seen such pride coming from the Dave community.

Martin: Watching Rory Scovel or anytime Ricky does his BET joke I lose I, it's so well crafted and the idea of Ricky sitting at home all day watching a BET countdown is glorious. Personal favorite was chasing a woman down during Man on the Street while yelling "ma'am" at her which was preceded by me saying "I found my target". I think there are still warrants out for me.

Dan: My favorite moment at every Lodge show is at the end, when the show is over, because our producer Mark eats a victory banana. If I missed a question, let me know, I am doing this on my old old phone because the internet is down.

Derek: February 10th, 2012 - Proposing to my fiance on stage at the Lincoln Lodge exactly 1 year after my first set on that stage. It was the Valentines Day Show and everyone was beyond shocked. She said yes, and as I walked off stage stopping to shake Ricky's hand he asked me " Was that real?"

Julia: Ken Barnard did a goodbye show at The Lincoln Lodge before he moved away to LA, and as everyone was seated in the audience waiting for the show to start, he came out in a short pink bathrobe and greeted everyone, thanked them for coming, asked them how they were doing. He was being really sincere, but he was in a short pink bathrobe with high socks on, and it was really funny. He ended the show by doing a song about chipmunk pussy. It was a great show.

TS: What's the dumbest joke you've ever written?
Caitlin: "My vagina is like a mailbox. Things go in. Babies don't come out."

Charlie: When I was brand new to comedy I used to do a joke wondering what Forrest Gump got up to later in life, after all his adventures. I went into a long Gump act out that referenced Twitter, Viagra, Six Flags and all kinds of things that I would roll my eyes at and maybe walk out of the room if I saw another comedian doing now.

Saurin: I am sure I have written dumber but I just debuted this last night at the Schubas Open Mic and it's pretty dumb: "Mahatma Ghandi has a famous quote, 'An eye for an eye makes the world blind.' But that's a mistranslation of Hindi. He actually said, 'A pie for a pie makes the world... mmm yummy'" EDGY!

Ricky: "Wikipedia defines Websters Dictionary as 'A big book of words that pee pee poo poo.' Well, that's what it says now anyways."

Joe:  I wrote a meaningless "Wouldn't it be weird" joke where I encourage people to dress like a pirate but have a Furby instead of a parrot. And then train the Furby to say "Barack Obama is a terrorist." I know, what's wrong with me?

Martin: Farty Marty. And it'll be the thing that makes me famous.

Dan: I had a joke I did in a set when I was 18 was posted online. The video showed me, very nervous, in a Rolling Stones t-shirt and a high pitched voice, saying "Couch potatoes? What`s next, futon yams?". I plan to one day release that set as a dvd entitled "My Darkest Hour".

Derek: "Have you ever taken a shit so long, you get lonely?"

Julia: "I started dating this one guy, but... he started getting physical with me. I had to break up with him, cause I couldn't run as fast." THAT DOESN'T EVEN REALLY MAKE SENSE JULIA AND YOU'RE KIND OF WRITING A JOKE ABOUT DOMESTIC ABUSE WHICH WOULD BE OKAY MAYBE IF IT WERE FUNNY BUT IT'S NOT IT'S JUST DUMB!