it's time for 2013 YEAR IN REVIEW. we look back at the best/hottest/buzziest music of 2013.

first of all i think that history will look back at 2013 as the year of our lorde. ;-) yes that's right, that's not a type-o you're seeing. i'm not talking about god or even jesus, i'm talking about 17 year old australian singer AND songwriter (wow!) lorde. wow. lorde has all the goods. she is cute. she is alt. she wants to change society. her music videos are cool. lorde definitely is the winner of 2013. i think that lorde is going to get a grammy for best new artist which is definitely pretty importa nt.

anyways i could go on about lorde all day, but i've gotta make room on the internet for other people to talk about her too! ;)

anyways boy what a big year in music. where to go from here. we had miley cyrus. i like my pop starlets like i like my natural fruit juice drinks: cute, alt, and naked. this year miley had all of these things and more. this year you could definitely "hear her roar."

speaking of "roaring": wow - k$sha and pitbull really pulled it together to write the song of the summer. timber. it's got a little bit of everything. it's got a little of country. it's got a little bit of dance music. and a whole lot of fun. if you were to tell me "ke$ha and pitbull were going to join forces to make the song of the summer" i would have believed you, and now here's proof. great stuff!

kanye west was really angry this year. skipped it.

this year french producer avicii really "got lucky" with his song of the summer "wake me up." this song is great. you get a little country. you get a little dance. it's super unique and really emotional. it's like mumford and sons meets avicci. this was definitely the song of the summer, and probably the sound of the future. except you can hear it right now. what a deal 

i've got to say that lorde really delivered the goods this year. she is like adele meets daria. she's like amy winehouse meets christina ricci in the addams family. she is so unique that you can't even compare her to anyone. looking forward to her grammy acceptance speech. she probably won't even show up to the grammys, she probably thinks they grammys are so lame. awesome

 definitely a big year for katy perry. had no idea she was asian, but was really brave of her to unleash her heritage to the world on the america music awards

welp that's about it for 2013. there was a lot of music but i definitely covered what matters. i would definitely hop on the lorde train before it isn't cool to like her anymore and you can say that you liked her before it was too cool to like her which is actually now. 2013 was a great year. can't wait for 2014. anyone got any new years plans? 

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