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Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise.

I hate to say it, but Facebook has been driving me nuts lately.  Every time I login, I feel my blood pressure rise because I know I'm going to be invited to some event I don't care about or a friend will brag about how great their life has been.  Its turning me into a jealous, resentful person! Do you have any suggestions to keep the evil feelings at bay?  I’m seriously thinking about deleting my account.

-Amy S.


Hi amy Ooh yes I get so pissedtoo . o mAN one time i smashe my computer just like the hulk just bec i have a fery unintellegint friend who always seems to have back problems alwaysand like to SCAM me out of my hardearned cash!!!! ALSO another “friend” liek to make me feel guilty for not takin in stray hounds off the street!!! Ok everyone facebo k is not for dogs okk well maybe yo ha ha! LOOK like theres lotsa guys in comedy especially (my craft) posting about cool thing such as pizza cars and they’re next show but not one postings about dennis Rodham visitng North Korea all the dam tinme??! Funny to mebut honestly who am I and who are you to juge the se fools.

do take time to stop n smeel the roses why don’t you! If u get out off the house more and thenthen you dwont be jealous but people well be jealoushof you imageine the possibility If you just simpely try I hate to see friends go to watste as they do from something I like to call computr rot! ! how very easy it is indeed

sadlye the people who need this advise the most will bethe ones searching fo porn instead of reading my this. wow now my friend with back problemsin the hopestital again??? I thank you not facebool!!!!

need advise??????? email me at

-Annie Donley