Annie Donley's Teake it or Leave it advise

Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise.

Hi Annie:
My boyfriend of two months never takes me out on dates anymore. He never notices my new clothes or hair cuts and the last time he opened a door for me was the last time he took me on a date …NEVER. I try not to get bogged down with all that old school gender-based chivalry stuff,  but I’d really like it if he would just put some effort into making me feel wanted and appreciated. Help!
-Rachel S

Hahhah hey Rachel sorry u just sound like such a bich in ur message above ok

Mmaybe this isnt the best relationship for u bc seems like ur doing a lot of complanin like a witchey woman but maybe not who knows One thin g for sure men need to step there gameup!!! Me id love it if men wear hats again and say goodmorning lady! when they [pass us on the streets like good old Charlies dickens days . I tell u what we’ d maybe be bettere off with a little chivary u do NOT WANT to end up liek Jacob marley man!!! So this means

MEN:u need to go back into a tiem were you recognize a women in your prescents because ladies are awesom and if she left you youd start drinking out of god knoiws what and youd live like a prize pig! start treating us as lovely p[eople and we shall not act like the witch we can truelyu be . and the next time you complain about doing chores or that the shopping list to long remembr what ur shopping list for a women is
-reasonble yet adventureous
-sensitive yet tuff
-empowerd yet submissive
-dreamer yet common sensed
-glamoris yet frugal
-ladid back yet playful
-independent yet you hate the beyonc song
-hard to get yet avalilable
-controlled yet a freak in the sheet
-pure yet sexperienced
-sincere and yet sarcastic
-easy to love yet not

wow quite a list you got there and I tell u what this u will never find all that in one grovery store remember this!!!

LADIES:yall know some of you know this you are buttheds! so start living up to you’re awesome potenshall! Do your part and try to giv e the guy a bone every so once in a wheile (Blow jobs help ok wow that shuld not be news to u) also chill out twith the marriage and baby talk for this will scare a man to death because he dont know when that time will be because he isn’t a gypsy who can read time so be thankful for that. When I ask my man when u going to pop the question ! he say I dunno damit ! and I thank my lciuky stars for this for I know he has not truly lost his mind he does not htink he is bruce almigty lol

In summery women are looking for charles dicken and men wnt an alien yet both don’t exist so I say u should ask scientist to built you a time machine or fly you 2 space


got a question then hit me ouch ok ok no that hard!!