@WeFoughtAbout Illustrated!

Improv couple Alan Linic (Switch Committee, One Two Many) and Claire Meyer (Lethal Action Force, The Awkward Phase) have been documenting the causes of their fights, minor and major, on Twitter account @WeFoughtAbout for the last few months. It's a sort of art project/celebration of how often the source of conflict in a relationship can be totally petty and borderline nonsensical, but in the moment, feels completely justified.

Both Alan and Claire have access to the account, so the perspective changes depending on who's doing the tweeting, which keeps things interesting by making it less skewed towards one side or another. Some favorites include "Alan sent me an article that put Prince in a bad light," "Mario Kart got supremely unfair and I got snappy at Claire about it," and "The waitress at one of our regular spots loves Alan and is rude to me. I casually showed up when he was eating there last night."

Alan and Claire commissioned cartoonist Dan Senatore to illustrate six of these moments specially for The Steamroller. Check them out below!