Which Transmission producer are you?

Dave Maher and Drennen Quinn are best friends. They are also the producers and hosts of a new stand-up showcase called Transmission, which starts this Saturday, April 26 at 7pm. The show takes place at Transistor, a Lakeview-based record/art/book/audio shop. Transmission is the result of Maher and Quinn's shared vision for a showcase in an alternative venue that sheds a spotlight on the variety of Chicago's up-and-coming comedians, from exciting current open mic-ers to established touring comics. Transmission is also a chance for Dave and Drennen to explore their combative onstage dynamic as co-hosts. 

For those of you who do not yet know Dave or Drennen, what's up? What's your name? How do you spell that? Oh, sure. Like it sounds! Hey, check out this Cosmo-style quiz to get to know Dave and Drennen a little better. 

Are You a "Dave" or a "Drennen"?

1) Why did you choose Transistor as the venue for this show?

a. My co-producer recommended it, and when we checked it out, it seemed like an unusual and intimate space to put on a show.

b. It's sick. I'm gonna see if we can put in a half-pipe next month.

2) What is your contribution to Transmission as a producer?

a. I do a lot of the booking and logistical work related to the venue.

b. I made the poster and vetoed some janky-ass ideas. And I mean, that's work. 

3) What do you think of the name "Transmission" for a stand-up comedy showcase?

a. I can't think of anything better at the moment, but I'm a little worried it comes off as a show about cars or some sort of charity for trans people. 

b. It don't sound like no comedy show. 

4) What adjective is used most often to describe your personality?

a. Intense 

b. Bored

5) What is your hairstyle?

a. Bushy, curly and unruly, like the goat-men depicted on ancient Greek plates.

b. Long hair, don't care.

6) What's your conversational style?

a. I exhaust friends and strangers by attempting to extract from them specific answers to my existential problems.

b. I engage dumb idiots in prolonged conversations about their lives until they embarrass themselves. 

7) Summarize your spiritual beliefs. 

a. I believe everyone is special and has a gift and a purpose except for me who has many gifts and many purposes. I'm good at everything I try. I'm great. 

b. People are bugs.

8) If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be?

a. Elmer Fudd

b. Joseph Gribble

9) What do you consider the highlight of your Chicago comedy career up to this point?

a. There are quite a few projects in which I take a lot of pride, but honestly, the highlight has been meeting, developing a friendship and getting to work with Drennen, who is one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life.

b. I saw a dude lean an old phone booth on the driver's side door of Carrot Top's rental car while he was shopping. He got real sad when he had to move it. I guess it was pretty heavy, but I laughed. It was funny.

10) What's your opinion of Dave?

a. I think Dave is a passionate, sincere, physically attractive and cool guy who is maybe a little misunderstood.

b. Dave sucks.

Answer Key:

6 or more "a"s: Sorry, you're a "Dave". You try very hard, but life is not a skill you are destined to master. 

6 or more "b"s: Congratulations, you're a "Drennen"! You'll be cool forever.

5 each of "a"s and "b"s: Your myriad tastes defy the easy categorization of quizzes and give you an appreciation for many different types of comedy. Sounds like you'd be the perfect audience member for Transmission, debuting at Transistor this Saturday, April 26 at 7pm. See you there!

-Dave Maher & Drennen Quinn