Go see wait. WHAT?!! Tonight

Starting tonight, Aarón Alonso's wait. WHAT?!! goes up at The Parlor every Thursday night in February. Aarón is definitely one of my favorite performers to watch in Chicago, he operates on a different playing field than pretty much any other comedian in the city. Blending solo sketch, performance art, and dadaist dream logic, he charismatically transports audiences to his own whimsically absurd universe. The basement of The Parlor is the perfect venue to house his friendly nightmares, and I can't wait to check it out.

wait. WHAT?!! is at The Parlor (1434 N. Western) at 8pm on Thursdays in February. Kill All Comedy opens, and tickets are $5.

Check out an appropriately confusing and out of context video clip from the intro of one of Alonso's recent performances below!