Interview: Thea Lux of Tiny Horses Are Everywhere

If you follow Chicago-based humor writer/musician/actor Thea Lux on social media, you're undoubtedly familiar with her photographic experiments with tiny horses. Thea's instagram photos are haunted by an omnipresent race of miniature horses that are as mischievous as they are small. A few weeks ago, Thea announced the publication of Tiny Horses Are Everywhere, a coffee table book showcasing some of her best work with tiny horses.

I spoke with Thea over email about this project, which you can read more about on the official Tiny Horses Tumblr. You can read excerpts from and order Tiny Horses Are Everywhere here (be sure to use the promo code SUMMERFUN for 15% off your order!).


The Steamroller: How did you start working with the tiny horse medium?

Thea Lux: Well, you know how some people use sticks to make fire? Or paper maché into makeshift body casts, piñatas, or body cast-shaped piñatas? My work explores the relationship between what we want to see and what we can see when we open up our eyes and stop to smell the flowers that don't have bees in them. Tiny horses are everywhere. You just have to look for them.

TS: What, do you think, is it exactly about these tiny horse pictures that make them as ceaselessly entertaining as they are?

Thea: Tiny horses are inherently goofballs. Big horses take life way too seriously, and tiny horses don't want part of that mentality. Plus, most tiny horses only live about 5 years, so they're super into saying "Carpe Diem" and standing on desks like in Dead Poet's Society.


TS: What sort of response have you gotten since starting this project?

Thea: People have started sending me pictures of tiny horses they encounter. I'm glad others have started to recognize they are everywhere.

TS: What's it feel like to be a published author?

Thea: I make a dollar a book. I FEEL FUCKING FANTASTIC.

TS: Where do you see your work with tiny horses going in the future?

Thea: Can't stop. Won't stop. Tiny horses everywhere!