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Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

dear no one:

Ummmm no email s asking for advise today wow evryon must be doin SOWEL L! lol but I knoiw this isnot the case indeed I know howmany people are so sad right now and I tell u tht u can come to me do not be afrad to asks for advice juust ask dont sit there es p around The holidays being so sad u can even get up in the monrning! Well if no one writes to me then I guess I will wjust give u a pick of my brain for today isnsted of advise hey this is YOUR colum so if u don’t teake over then I will take over it if u don’t!!!!!!

Ok OK OK OK it AMAZES me that peopple bad mouth walmart then immedietly go shop at targot!! For there one stop everything well if that aint hipocrasty then my nickname isn’t Donkey loll wowow that is teakeing me back to the days! the kids they used to be so mean they call me chubby cheeks whe n I smile so I never smiled for a very long time –a couple of days at most-well that is still sad but why is it then, I ask why do we talk about bully today liekj its so brand new and no my child should not have to go thru it!! Well last time I check everyone had t o go thru is and honestly it makes u a bettr tough person to go through it . im glad I dont smile all the damn time and I have a bully to thank for that. so PLS tstop with the no bully campains ok??? The last ting a child want to do is take advice from some old hippy on th e TV so everytime u get on tv or internet and say STOP a chld laughs and said GO you fool!! Remember the parents who wantd kids to stop drink and driving or th e ones who hate when u teens smoke?? Lol the teens r laughin at u all the way to the bank and they look actually do look cool doing it (don’t even pretend they don’t that is a lie) so shit your butt down!!!

I think the campain organizer should make the commershall like GOOD EVENING I am a fat mom and/or dad who let myseslf and my dreams go so now all I have is to be a parent to your dumb butt to raise and if u die I will literelly have nothing left. i know u r cool but i am clearly a loser and this is a plea for help do not let me commit suicidal thoughts –do not drink n drive BOOM. THE END

honestly is the best policy

pls email me for advise or you will get another piece of my mind nex week ;P annie.donley@gmail

-Annie Donley

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