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Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

Dear Annie,

I have a next door neighbor that thinks we are great friends when, in reality, I can't stand him at all. It almost seems like he knows my work schedule because he comes over right when I get home to spill his guts and tell me boring stories.  I've tried to play hard to get but it just doesn't seem to work. I don't want things to get awkward with us, but I also don't want to be friends. Help?

Vivian R.

hi vivie:

guess ur NOT like StateFarm haha ok well yes neghbors can be the most annoyance but what is the most annoyance is when ur have a coworker who make dam noises all day at there desk its liek they know it boothers you.For instant I have a old stink man who sits near me and he click his tonge and he suck air through his tooth which makes a kissy scukcky noise all day that will drive anyone up any wall well hello it is so rude! when he talk to me his breath semell like Italian sasage and ciggersettes so harsh I swear he could spit fire with that dragon breathe of his! I know it might not b true but when i see him i think he must be a vry sick werdo at home god help him. well how do I am I suppose to tell him that his clickedty clascking has to stop in a polite way???

truth is u cannot do this u must bear it bc u can not tell ppl what to do i'm seo sick of heering people say "this bothers me!' well last time I check have no rihts under the US Constatution so sorry but u r SOL unless u move buildinsgs hey this might not be what u wnat to hear (wow vry tru considering u don't lie kt o hear much huh!) but u have to enduore it. think about it i swear if u leaf a note on ur neigbors door u will b such a horribl person but should u move buildings then u can stfu! who do u like want to be more mr. potter or ashton kootchar??? this is a vary easy questin

also when u sey u think he know your work schedule i think THAT is insane and not true Viviian theere is no way he has ur schedul mezmorized bc everyone has their own life once i thought i was on the Truman show but then i realize that this that is so egomanical and i not a 3 y/o girl baby ok i think we ALL learn something today

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-Annie Donley