10 Times Someone Thought The Whiskey Journal Was Real And A Shameless Plug by Kyle Scanlan

Kyle Scanlan, creator of The Whiskey Journal, is here with a quick plug for tonight's season premiere of TWJ Live at The Lincoln Lodge, along with 10 times people on Facebook thought TWJ's fake comedy news stories were real.

The Whiskey Journal Live! is back, starting the first Wednesday of every month at The Lincoln Lodge, with its first performance tonight, Nov. 6.

The late night talk show-styled extravaganza features Chicago stand-up comic and The Whiskey Journal creator, Kyle Scanlan as host, with his sidekick, Ross Kelly. The show will also feature several segments from other TWJ writers including Ian Abramson and Tim Barnes, as seen on Steve Harvey and Explosion Bus. The Whiskey Journal’s satirical take on modern life and major news events will be on full display, with fresh monologue jokes, desk pieces and video sketches. The show will also feature one of Chicago’s best stand up comedians opening the show (Drew Frees is tonight), and a live house band.

Tickets for The Whiskey Journal Live! are only $5 online and will be $10 at the door. So don’t be a dumb nerd and wait till the last minute to get tickets at the door. This is super important.


1. “Even the headline is misleading”

2. Questioning the system?

3. Straight to the point.

4. “God is the answer.”

5. “I need to come up with a study…”

6 “Well done, child. Well done.”

7. “Does this really matter?”

8. “I don’t hate him, he”

9. Dude is really worried about D’Generation X splitting up.

10. People are very passionate about Jennifer Lawrence.

-Kyle Scanlan